EPT Monte Carlo: Final table live action continues...

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2:36am--And quick it is.

Denes raises, Glen immediately moves all-in, and Denes calls in a split second. It's Ah5h for Glen and KhQd for Denes. The board runs out AsQs6s6sTd Glen Chorny is the Season 4 PokerStars.com EPT Grand Final champion. He earns €2,020,000. Denes will receive €1,179,000 for his runner-up finish. We'll be back in a little bit with a full final table wrap-up.

2:32am--Players are returning for heads-up play. Glen has Denes 10-1 in chips right now. This could go quickly.

2:27am--Short break while we prepare for heads-up play.

2:22am----Max limps in the small blind and he and Glen saw a flop of ThAd4s. On the turn of Js and Max bets 200,000 and gets a call. Nine of diamonds on the river. Max bets 450,000. Glen moves all-in and Max calls. Glen turns KQ for the nuts. Max held Q8 for the lower straight. Max is out in third place, earning €715,000.


2:15am--Max raises on the button and got a call from Denes in the big blind. The flop came 7h7cJs and Max bets out. Denes raises to 575,000. Max raises all-in and Denes folds. Max flips T8 for the bluff and the win. Denes is down to 1.3 million chips. Glen still has a 2-1 chip lead on Max.

2:12am--Greg Raymer has joined James Hartigan on EPT Live.

2:04am--Isaac Baron's exit intervew.

2:00am--We're now eleven hours into final table play.

1:51am--If you're a fan of Kara Scott, she is currently doing commentary on EPT Live.

1:42am--Max comes in for a raise and gets calls from both opponents in the blinds. The flop comes out ThQh3d. It's checked to Max and he moves all-in. Denes calls with QJ but he's out-kicked by Max's AQ. Turn and river are banks and Max doubles up.


1:37am--Denes comes in for a raise to 300K and Max calls. The flop is As4s7c and the players check twice. A jack of hearts on the turn draws a check from Denes. Max bets out about half the pot and Denes raises to a million. Max folds.

1:35am--Back from break at the 60K/120K level.

1:18am--Break actually happening. Back soon.

1:17am--Blinds are going up soon but there will be no break. Or maybe there will be.

1:11am--Glen now has more than 7.2 million chips. Denes and Max both have less than 3 million.

1:01am--Isaac's departure has slowed down play a bit. If you're looking for a little more entertainment, check out PokerStars.tv for great archive footage of past EPT events.

12:56am--Max has returned. He looks pretty bad. The stress of the tournament plus running a fever for several days will take the its toll on just about anybody. Max thanked his opponents for his waiting.

12:55am--As Max is pretty ill right now...the players have agreed to wait for Max for a bit.

12:54am--Max has disappeared. No idea where's he gone, but play continues without him.

12:42am--Isaac raises to 225 and Glen calls. Flop is 6s2c7s. Glen leads for 335K. Isaac thinks for several minutes and Glen calls the clock. Isaac moves all in, Glen callls immediately with AA up against Isaac's AQ. The 9s on the turn gives Isaac the flush draw. The river is the Kc and Isaac Baron is out in fourth place for € 589,000.


12:38am--Denes came in for a raise and Glen re-raised out of the big blind. Denes mucked.

12:36 am--Glen made a raise from the button and Isaac immediately moved all-in. Glen showed an ace and mucked.

12:31am--Isaac comes in immediately after last hand for a 210K raise and Denes calls out of the blinds. The flop is 3h7dJc. Both players checked. Turn is Kh. Two checks. River is another J. Now Denes decides to bet out and Isaac insta-mucked.

12:28am--Isaac moves all-in with Q3, Denes calls fast with AT. J22 on flop. Turn is 6d. River....wait for it...Qd. Issac never moved from his seat and is now stacking double the amount of chips.

12:25am--Max raises to 220,000 and wins the blinds and antes.

12:23am--Isaac raises under the gun to 210,000 and Denes re-raises to 600,000. Isaac gives it up immediately. He's down to 15 big blinds. Look for Isaac to be trying to double soon.

12:21am--Video blog fun with Greg Raymer...

12:19am--Max comes in for a raise and Isaac re-raises to 650,000. Max immediately announces all-in. Isaac snap calls with 88. Max has QQ. Flop is 33A. Turn is 2. River is a six and Max doubles up too 4 million. Isaac is down to 1.5 million.

12:17am--Back from break with 40K/80K/5k blinds. Glen raised to 250,000 and Isaac called. Glen put out a bet on a 2c8c2d flop and Isaac folded.

12:07am--Break time. Back in five or ten minutes.

12:03am--Michael Martin's exit interview...

12:02am--With the end of the level winding down, play has slowed down quite a bit. Break is coming soon.

11:52pm--It's now been two hours since the last elimination.

11:47pm--Glen makes it 175,000 out of the small blind, Isaac bumps it to 475,000, and Glen goes away.

11:45pm--Luca Pagano exit interview...

11:43pm--It's a flop of ThJh5d and Isaac bets 250,000 and Denes calls. 5s on the turn and both players check. River 8c Denes held Ah8h and got there on the river. Isaac had AKo.

11:41pmGlen and Isaac see a flop of 7d3dKc. It's 60K form Glen and Isaac called. They see the 4c on the turn. Two checks this time. The river is Td Glen looked back at his cards and then bet 150,000. Isaac called with A6. Glen has A8. Bluffing with the best hand for Glen and he takes it down.

11:36pm--Isaac came in for a raise under the gun and Glen defended in the big blind. 2c8dTd. Check-check on the flop. It's the As on the turn. Isaace bet 270 got called. The river is the 9c. Checked on the river. Glen has A7 for the won.

11:35pm--Isaac came in for a button raise of 160,000, Denes folded in the small blind. Max re-raised out of the big blind to 570,000. Isaac thought for a moment for declaring, "I'm all-in." Max didn't think for too incredibly long before mucking.

11:33pm--Money, money, money, money!

11:19pm--All four players in a family pot and the flop is JhKs3d. The bet is 125,000 from Glen on the flop. Denes called. The turn was the Ac Glen checked, Denes checked. River is Jd. Glen checked and Denes bet 275,000 and Glen called. JT for Dene for trips. Glen said, "Every time."

11:26pm--Raise to 125,000 from Max and Denes called in the big blind. Flop is 3sKcJc. Max bet it and won it.

11:19pm--Heads up between small blind Isaac and big blind Denes. On the flop, 6s7s8c, Isaac bet out 100,000 and Denes called. 6c on the turn. Isaac checked and Denes bet 275,000 and Isaac called. The river is Kc. Isaac checked, and Denes bet 500,000. "Bluff?" Isaac asked and then thought for several minutes. Eventually, Isaac had the clock called on him by Denes. Isaac used up 53 seconds of his one minute and then mucked. "Nice hand," Isaac said.

11:18pm--Denes raised pre-flop and took it down uncontested.

11:16pm--Max called out of the small blind and Glen checked. They say a 3sJs9h. Both players checked and they saw a 4d on the flop. Max bet out 100,000 and Glen mucked.

11:11pm--In a battle of the blinds, Glen called form the small blind. Isaac made it 150,000 more to play and Glen checked. Flop came 3h9c7d. Glen checked, and Isaac bet 250,000. Glen hemmed and hawed then raised 400,000 more. Isaac, a bead of sweat on his lip, re-raised to 700,000 more. Glen barely thought before shooting his cards into the muck.

11:07pm--Denes came in for a raise to 180,000 and Glen called out of the big blind. Flop came 8cTc8h. Glen checked and Denes checked. The turn was the 2h. Both players checked again. River was 8d. Two checks. Glen's KQ takes it down.

11:06pm--Max came in for a raise and Isaac called out of the small blind. The flop came 4s2sTh. Both players checked. The turn was an ace. Two checks again. Three of diamonds on the river and Isaac checked again. This time Max bet, Isaac looked grouchy and folded.

11:03pm--A raise to 175,000 came from Glen Chorny out of the small blind. Isaac thought for a minute in the big blind before laying it down.

11:01pm--Denes came in for a raise to 180,000. Max thought for a long enough time that he knocked over his chip stacks. After two minutes, he re-raised to 525,000. Back to Denes it was his turn to tank. Obviously not that good a hand. His cards go in the muck.

10:59pm--Glen raised to 160,000 a and Isaac smooth called. The board came out 3s3d3h. Glen checked, Isaac bet, and took down the pot. Glen asked what he had. Isaac responded, "I'll tell you after."

10:57pm--Play has slowed down a bit. If you want to hear from Gavin Griffin, he's on EPT Live right now.

10:55pm--Dennis comes in for a raise to 180,000 and gets a call from Glen Chorny. Flop comes out QcAd7s. It's checked twice and they see a turn of 6d. It is checked twice again. The river is the 8s. Glen checks and Denes decides to bet...any amount wins it for him and Glen fire-mucks.

10:52pm--Players are back from break..

10:36pmPlayers are on a ten-minute break and will be back at 30,000/60,000/5000.

10:32pm--On the last hand before the break, Isaac Baron came in for a raise and got callers in Glen and Denes. Everybody checked a Jh9h8d flop. On the turn, an ace of clubs Isaac bet out more than 400,000. Denes called. Both players checked the river. Isaac showed AQ for the win. Kalo held 6h7h.

10:30pm--After a couple of earlier hits, Glen Chorny has picked up a nice pot. Max limped in from the button and Glen raises more than the pot from the small blind. Max called and the flop came down Kc5dJh. Now, Glen bet 275,000 and Max called from the button. The turn came 4d. This time Glen checked and Max bet out 400,000. Chonry called. When the 6d came on the river, both players checked. Chorny turned over AJ, good for the pot 1.7 million pot.

10:28pm--As Mats Iremark becomes the sixth former EPT champion to stop by and watch a few hands form the rail, Sorel Mizzi has grabbed himself a press pass, armed himself with a camera and is stalking the final table taking pictures. He almost collided with the jib we were telling you about.

10:24pm--Don't miss the EPT Live feed for full live video of the final table, with expert commentary from a host of Team PokerStars Pros.

10:22pm--As we mentioned earlier, last year's champion Gavin Griffin has been hanging around the final table tonight.


Gavin Griffin

10:18pm--After some furious action post-dinner, play has finally slowed down a bit. The players are still playing aggressively, but a re-raise is often good to take down a pot pre-flop.

10:08pm--With four players remaining, the average stack has an M of 33 and 63 big blinds.

10:04pm--The crowd are quick to get to their feet for any all-in but there was a strange calm when Denes Kalo did so and was called by Glen Chorny. After a period of calm things have suddenly quickened, with two eliminations in this level alone. Could it really be three? When the hand came through for Denes he found himself with a new fan on the rail, Brandon Schaefer, who has taken to calling out “Budapest!” with every Denes hand.


Denes Kalo

10:00pm--New video blog featuring the linguistic talents of Tim Vance, Marcel luske, Joe Hachem, Ed de Hans, and Antonio Esfandiari.

9:55pm--Denes Kalo has just doubled though Glen Chorny. They got it all-in on a an ace high flop with two spades. Chorny had raised pre-flop with As3s and got a call from Denes Kalo who held AQ. Chonry couldn't hit any of his outs and Kalo doubled up. Kalo now has a substantial chip lead with 4.5 million chips.

9:47pm--Glen Chorny came in for a raise to 125,000 and Michael Martin called out of the big blind. On a flop of 67T, Martin checked, and Chorny continued for 225,000. Martin then made it 675,000. Chonry moved all-in and Martin was forced to call. It's QT for Martin, and pocket jacks for Chorny.

"Don't do it to me dealer," Chorny said.

The dealer complied and put out an ace deuce on the turn an river. Martin exits in fifth place, earning €421,000.

Michael Martin shook hands with the other finalists but he was still in shock as he made his way off the stage. As Glen’s parents, front and centre on the rail all day, cheered their boy, Michael was in that moment of disorientation that follows busting out, an expression of “what do I do now?” after five whole days of play.


Mike Martin

9:46pm--Michael Martin has been eliminated. Details to come.

9.35pm -- Maxime Villemure is the current chip leader with 3,345,000. Click here for the full list.

9.32pm -- Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano of Italy, eliminated in sixth place for € 337,000
Denes Kalo had raised pre-flop, a total of 125K. Luca then shoved all-in from the button but must have taken Denes's quick call as a bad sign. Luca turned over A-J but it was Denes ahead holding pocket queens. K-7-7 on the flop and Luca was looking for an ace. The turn came a ten. "Just one time" asked Luca, but the river was jack, sending him to the rail. A gallant sixth place finish for Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano.


Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano

9.24pm -- A hand between an all-in Denes Kalo and Glen Chorny who declines the option to call Kalo's 1million all-in.

9.15pm -- Play resumes after the dinner break. Blinds are now 25,000/50,000 with a 5,000 ante.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Monte Carlo