EPT Monte Carlo: Level 10 Wrap

Level 10 was a wild one by all accounts. It saw Joe Hachem and Luca Pagano both move over the 200,000 chip mark. It also saw the end of some big names. Chips flying as the are, we could be down below 123 players tonight (the over/under mark in a competition among Stephen and me).


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Roving reporters Ed and Steve were on the case. Check out this version of...

The Ed Report

Level 10 – Blinds 500/1000 ante 100

  • Just as the level 9 break began San Remo EPT winner Jason Mercier was involved in a hand that left him muttering under his breath as he left the room. He had been reraised all-in for 15,400 more with the board showing Qs Ac 7h Ts. The pot held something over 12k in chips. Jason gave the situation a lot of thought before finally tossing his cards. As the only table still in action quite a few spectators had gathered. His opponent showed QT as the dealer pushed the pot his way. From Jason’s reaction, it appears that is two pair he could beat. Of course acting is an important poker skill so we’ll never know for sure.

  • Surinder Sunar has been moved to Joe Hachem’s table and immediately eliminated a short -stack. The money went in preflop and it was KK for Surinder vs AQ. No ace or miracle straight and Surinder was up to close to 60K. A few hands later the action was folded round to Joe Hachem in the SB and he made it 3000 to play. Anna Wrobleski called in the BB and both players checked the flop and turn of 8d-3d-6h-Jh. A Qh caused Joe to bet 3000 which was called by Anna. Joe showed KQ to take the pot.

  • Dominic Raynis has just been eliminated. He called an early position raise of 3200 from the button. The flop was 8s-5h-Qs. A check and Dominic pushed in which was instantly called by the original raiser. Dominic had Ac-7c and was up against JJ. No help came and we lose another.

  • Some more action from Joe Hachem’s table. This time it was a true battle of the blinds. The SB limped and Anna Wrobleski made it 3000 to play which the SB called. On a flop of Js-10h-6h Anna bet 5400. This was raised to 14000 and Anna pushed all-in for 30300 total. The SB called showing Kh-7h for a flush draw. Anna showed 6-6 for trips. Turn is a Qs and as the river is being turned, Joe Hachem lets out a ‘Ahhhhhh’ as he can see it first. Anna expecting it to be heart is overjoyed to see the 10s whilst all except one person laughs at Joe’s joke. I think you can guess who was not amused. Anna now has close to 70K.

  • Both Chris Min Lee and Josh Arieh have been eliminated.

  • Joe Hachem makes it 3000 to go from the cut-off and the button moves all in for 17700 total. Joe dwells on this for a while and then calls hoping for a coin flip. Joe shows 55 and button 88. The board comes 10c-2s-Jc-3h-5s and Joe eliminates another player. A couple of hands later Joe makes it 3000 to play and Chad Brown defends his big blind. A shortstacked Chad Brown pushes on a jack high flop and Joe calls. Chad shows J8 for top pair and KK for Joe. The turn and river bring a couple of 7s and Chad is eliminated. Joe moves up to 200K.

  • Just before the dinner break Shane Reihill was eliminated. 4 players limped and the flop was 6c-3d-4c. Facing a 3000 bet, Shane raised to 10000. The other players folded but the original bettor pumped it to 30000. Shane moved all-in and was quickly called. Shane had 44 against 7-5. Needless to say Shane did not improve. Details of the hand are courtesy of Mel Judah.

  • With 8K in the pot and the board reading Kc-5c-9d-4h a player bets 5200 into Vanessa Rousso. She raises to 14000 and is quickly called. 8d on the river and Vanessa checks. Her opponent bets 18K and she eventually calls. He shows KK for a flopped set. Vanessa is down to 35K.

  • Luca has just gone over the 200K mark. With the board showing 6s-9d-Kh-2h-Js. Luca has a bet of 12000 sitting on the felt which is duly called. He flips over pocket deuces for a turned set.

  • Shaun Deeb came back from dinner ready to play poker. He was involved in four of the first five hands as action resumed. Here’s a look at the action… make of it what you will.

  • Hand one starts with Shaun in the small blind from whence he opens the action with a raise to 2500 (blinds 500-1000 ante 100). The big blind defends and we see a flop of 8c 5h 8h. Shaun checks, his opponent bets 5500, Shaun calls. The 9d falls on the turn followed by check, bet 9000, call. The river brings Qc and Shaun check calls a quarter pot bet. His opponent shows 86 and Shawn mucks.

  • Hand two begins with Shaun on the button At the end the board was 3d, Ts, Qd, 8d, 3s. His opponents JT was enough to win it.

  • After passing on his cut off hand, Shawn made a standard raise from the hijack seat, getting a call from the button. The flop came 6c 7h Qc and Shawn made a continuation bet. With out much hesitation the button player came over the top for about 3x the bet. Shaun pitched his cards into the muck without much hesitation.

  • The next hand saw 2400 bet by the UTG player, a call by Shaun which let to a heads up flop. The dealer burned and turned up 4h 5c Jc. The UTG player checked, Shawn bet 4000 and got a call. An 8h fell on the turn and the action when check, bet 8.2k, fold, which Shaun recovering some of the chips lost earlier. All in all his stack is still imposing, but a bit less so that when the action started after diner.

  • An early position raise to 2800 is called by the cut-off and then raised to 13K by MezmerizePls. The original raiser folds but the cut-off called. The hand was checked all the way to the river when MezmerizePls fired off a 9K bet on a board looking like this: 2d-7c-3d-Jd-Kc His opponent moves in for 41K more and MezmerizePls folds. He still has around 90K.

  • Surinder Sunar raises to 3300 from UTG and is called by the button and big blind. The action is checked to the river when Surinder bets 9900 on this board: As-9s-9c-8c-6h. This is enough o win the pot and put him on 65K. Just as the hand finishes Luca Pagano, with his 200K in chips sits down where Chad Brown used to reside. The next hand Joe raises to 3000 and Anna Wrobleski calls. 10s-Kh-8s o the flop and a 6000 bet from Joe wins another. Luca meanwhile is still unloading his chips.

  • At the end of level 10 we have 186 players remaining and an average stack of 68K.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in EPT Monte Carlo