EPT Monte Carlo: Level 11 Wrap

After writing thousands upon thousands of words about poker, it gets really easy to start falling back on cliches. If I were to do that right now, I would choose...dropping like flies.

There is currently a discussion among the tournament staff about cutting a level from the day and stopping after Level 12. It all depends how many players we see drop in the meantime.


© Neil Stoddart

For now, the work of our roving reporters, Ed and Steve.

The Ed Report

Level 11 – Blinds 600/1200 ante 100.

  • To be filed under “unusual board”, “notable action” Marcel Luske and Shaun Deeb found themselves heads up looking at a Ac Qd Ah flop. After much checking, the final board was Ac Qd Ah Qh Qs. Marcel, first to act, bet 5000 and Shaun quickly sent his cards face down into the muck.

  • Both Tim Vance and Vanessa Rousso have been eliminated. Details are unknown.

  • Raymond Rahme has doubled up to 115K. He hit a set of 3s on a queen high flop and all the money went in. His opponent showed KQ.

  • More on Shaun Deeb who has taken a serious hit to his stack since post diner play began. The following hand inflicted one of the more serious blows. UTG bet 3300 (blinds 600-1200 ante 100) and Shaun called. The flop brought 6h 8c 9d and the action went check, check. A 3s on the turn brought identical action. An Ac on the river led to serious fireworks. UTG bet 7500, Shaun raised to 22,000 and after some serious thought UTG made what can only be described as a crying call. Shawn asked “can you beat a pair of sixes” and in response was shown 86 suited..

  • Barry Greenstein is out. In the BB he faced a raise from the SB. He pushed with QJo and the SB called with 33. No help for Barry and he signed a copy of his book Ace on the River and shook his conqueror’s hand before quietly leaving.

  • In the “meaningless hands that get a lot of attention” department, Antonio Esfandiari and a middle position player got a lot of chips in preflop as follows. Seat 6 limped in and Antonio raised to 3400 on the button. Action folded to the limper who re-raised to 8100 only to be re-re-raised to 19,000 by Antonio. Seat 6 pushed at that point and Antonio called. The flop brought two spades, of which Antonio had one. Repeated calls of “one time”, “one time” were ignored by the poker gods. The dealer went to work chopping the pot and the crowd that had gathered dispersed, looking for excitement elsewhere.

  • 2008 San Remo winner, Jason Mercier is out. He pushed all in for 14100 from the button and was called in the big blind. K8 for Jason against A6s. Jason needed to pair up but hit nothing.

  • Facing an early raise to 3500 from Freddy Deeb, MezmerizePls made it 11000 to play. Freddy re-raised to 31000 and took it down preflop once Mez folded. Freddy has 110K and Mez 90K.


    Freddy Deeb -- © Neil Stoddart

  • Gus Hansen has just been crippled by Maxime Villemure who flopped a set of deuces. Gus called all the way to the end only to muck. Update – Gus has since been eliminated.

  • Shaun Deeb makes it 3400 and Neil Channing pushes all in for 24K more. Shaun eventually makes a crying call and finds himself in big trouble with 88 v 77. Clearly he was hoping for a coinflip and an opportunity to get back some of his chips. No help on the board and Shaun is looking dangerously low. Update: Deeb has now been eliminated.

  • We have 159 players left with an average stack of 80K.

    A final note on this level...

    The behind-the-scenes stuff you don't see on the blog is sometimes just as interesting as the poker. In recent days, our OCD-afflicted statistician got involved in something that has come to be known as PieChartGate. For more...see the video blog below.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in EPT Monte Carlo