EPT Monte Carlo: Level 2 recap

From time to time here at the PokerStars Blog, we are graced with the talents of a roving reporter we know as Ed. Ed spends his time picking out the best hands from across the floor. This week, we are favored with his look at the floor. He's aided by fellow roving reporter, Steve, in providing this version of the...

Level 2 Ed Report

  • Level 2 has begun and not started well for Chris Moneymaker. Having raised pre-flop to 150 and getting one caller, he led out 300 on a flop of 2s-2c-8s. An ace of clubs slowed the action on the turn with both players checking. Qc on the river and Chris folds to a bet of 400. He is down to just over a third of his starting stack with 5.5K.

  • On the flip side, a couple of tables away it could not have started much better. With the board showing 3 diamonds and the highest card being a King Daniel had bet out 5K. This was called by his opponent and Daniel flipped over 7-6 diamonds to scoop a 16K pot. The other player mucked his pocket aces face up. Although I did not see the early action the flush was certainly made on the river although Daniel was up and down for the straight flush on the turn. He now has ~ 22K.


    Daniel Negreanu -- © Neil Stoddart

  • In the latter stages of last years WSOP, the chip stack of Dario Minieri went up and down like a yo-yo. It seems that this event is no different for the aggressive young Italian. With 2600 in the pot and the board showing 9s-4c-2 Dario faced a 4K bet. He moved all in, effectively setting the other gentleman all in. He instantly called flipping over pocket aces. Dario turned up an off-suit 3-5. The board bricked out for Dario and he is down to 11K after losing one of the larger pots thus far in the days play. On the very next hand Dario raise to 300 from the cut-off both the SB and Ram Vaswani in the BB call. The flop comes 6d-2h-6h and Dario’s bet of 600 is enough to start the, hopefully upward, journey of the yo-yo.

  • Table 17 is a friendly table with players trading screen names and stories. Vicky Coren in seat 5 is known by several. Seat 1, Octavian_C tells how he converted two WSOP satellite wins from a jaunt to Las Vegas to a long trip East. Jordan (his real name) is a red haired lad a long way from Portland, Oregon. He is coping well with the jet lag is holding his own midway through level 2,


    Vicky Coren -- © Neil Stoddart

  • It looks like I spoke too soon. Dario Minieri is out. I missed the early part of the action but it would appear that Dario had raised preflop. Ram Vaswani had re-raised to 1700 total. The gentleman mentioned earlier who doubled up through Dario with his aces pushed all-in. Dario called all-in and Ram folded. JJ for Dario vs 88. The board comes down A-A-9-8-K and his opponent hit his two outer to eliminate him. Despite the bad beat, Dario takes it very well, shaking his opponents hand before exiting.

  • Facing an early position raise to 300 and a call from the CO-1, Joe Hachem bumps the action to 1200 total from the cut off. This is only called by the original raiser. The flop is 2c-Ah-9s and is checked by both. 6h on the turn and a 2nd check is the invitation Joe needs to fire off a 1500 bet which picks it up. He is back up to around 14K.

  • Gavin Griffin is not fairing well. Last year’s winner lost a monster pot when his opponent flopped top pair and turned top two with Gavin calling all the way. Fairly soon after with the board showing 3s-4d-5d-4s Gavin calls a 400 bet from the SB as does the button. 9s on the river and the SB bets 1200. Gavin eventually calls, leaving him only 1800 or so behind and the button folds. SB turns KsQs for the pot and Gavin mucks face down.


    Gavin Griffin -- © Neil Stoddart

  • CSABOKA, a former EPT final tabler from Hungary limps from early position and is raised to 450 by the player to his left. 4 players call this raise including CSABOKA and William Thorson. The flop is a dangerous looking 3h-Ah-9h and everyone checks. Kd on the turn and the original raiser takes it down with a 1600 bet. Both William and CSABOKA are still in good shape with well over their starting stacks.

  • Tournament circuit player and PokerStars qualifier Jon Friedberg was a bit below par. Jon did well at the PCA and is a WSOP bracelet holder. He coaxed his stack back above the starting chip level with this hand. Seat 2, UTG+1, made a standard 3x raise and Jon re-raised from the button. The blinds folded and seat 2 called for a flop of As 7c Qs. Flop action was check, bet 1300 call. The turn brought a 10c. Seat 2 checked, John bet 3500 and after an appropriate pause in the action, seat 2 folded. Score one for Mr. Friedberg.

  • Gavin Griffin, at the same table as Friedberg is now on life support with less than 1000 chips.

  • Vanessa Rousso had been involved in a raising war with another player at her table and had managed to get a pot of 3200 before the flop. Kh-2d-7c comes off the deck and a bet of 1500 is enough for Vanessa to take it down. This pot gives Vanessa’s stack a well needed boost and she is up to ~10K.

  • Facing an early limp Victor Ramdin makes a minimum raise from the SB. The BB folds, and the limper calls. The flop is 3s-3h-Ks and a 300 bet from victor is called. The turn is 7c and both players check. The Kc on the river makes the board look pretty scary and a 500 bet from Victor is raised to 2500 total. Victor thinks for a while before holding. From what he said it sounds like he could beat an ace but there was not much chance of him beating a hand that could raise in that spot.

  • Boris Becker’s stack has dwindled during this level. He limped from an early position and the SB completed with the BB checking his action. 6s-9h-6h and the big blind bet 200. Boris raises to 400 and the big blind called. 3h on the turn and a bet of 1000 wins it for Boris. He has around 9K.


    Boris Becker -- © Neil Stoddart

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in EPT Monte Carlo