EPT Monte Carlo: Level 4 Wrap-Up

Now that the bifurcated dinner break is wrapping up, we're able to make some sense of Level 4, a time that saw the exit of Chris Moneymaker, Boris Becker, and William Thorson. Some selected chip counts are now fresh on the PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo Chip Counts page.

Level 4 Ed Report - Blinds are 100/200

  • Level 4 has begun well for Joe Hachem. From early position he raised to 600 and the button re-raised to 1600 total which Joe called. Flop was 7-8-9 rainbow and a 2400 bet was raised to 5500 by Joe which in turn was called. A 5 on the turn and Joe led out with 7000. The button eventually folds (AA apparently). Joe tells me he had Queens. Shortly after with 1000 in the middle preflop Joe leads out 500 on a board of 3s-2c-6c-5s and that is enough to take it down. Joe is around the 34K mark.

  • With 2000 in the pot and the board showing 2c-Qc-9c-Jd a 2500 bet was raised all in by CSABOKA. The other player only had about 3500 left and the decision takes so long the floor is called. The floor person gives him a minute to make a decision and a verbal count from 10. Just as he approaches 1 he goes to pick up his chips but there is no forward motion when the hand is declared dead. CSABOKA shows J-9 for two pair not that he needed to as he had already won. The other player tries to convince himself he made the right decision but he folded Q9 and would have been in great shape. Hungarian PokerStars player CSABOKA now has 25K.

  • With only half of his table present (others still at dinner) Chris Moneymaker defends his BB when the SB raises to 600 total. Both check a flop of 5s-8c-Jh and the turn is 3s. Chris calls a bet of 1200 and the river 2h is checked by both players. 6-3 suited for Chris is good enough. The small blind turns over AK. Chris has around 13.5K.

  • A couple of tables over another battle of the blinds develops between Daniel Negreanu in the small blind and the gentleman to his left. 1700 has ended up in the middle preflop and both players check a rainbow flop of 2h-7s-5c. Turn is 7h and Daniel bets 1100, called by the big blind. Both players check the 6c on the river and a suited ace queen is good enough for the win for Daniel. Daniel is at 21K.

  • PokerStars qualifier Ganof777 has just taken a small pot off ElkY. He called an ElkY raise of 525 preflop from the button. The small blind also called. 8h-10s-10c on the flop and all players checked. The turn was Jc and Ganof777 bet 600 which ElkY quickly called. 7h on the river an a bet of 1300 forces a fold from ElkY. Ganof777 is at 8.5K. ElkY has around 15K.

  • Chris Moneymaker has just lost a race and doubled up a short stack. AQ for Chris vs 10-10 and Chris is back down to 6K. His opponent doubles to just over 14K. About 10 minutes later Chris is facing a raise of 600. He re-raises to 2100 and his opponent calls. The flop brings K-9-6 rainbow and once his opponent has checked, Chris pushes all in. An instant call and Chris is in dire trouble. AQ for Chris vs KQ. The board bricks out and brings no miracle ace and the 2003 WSOP Champion Chris Moneymaker is eliminated.

  • Update for Octavian_C / Jordan from Portland fans. Fifteen minutes into level 4 he is sitting on about 45k chips giving him a stack that is nearly triple the average.

  • Thor Hansen has been eliminated. After a series of betting on the turn the money went in with the board of 5s-6c-Jc-9c. Thor’s all in raise of 5125 was called by a player with Kc-3c. Thor showed 9-9 so needed to board to pair. A 3 on the river ended his hopes.

  • Vanessa Rousso has just taken a slight dent to her stack. She called an early position raise from the button and the big blind joined in. The flop came down 6h-5s-Js and the original raiser bet 1300. Vanessa raised to 3000 total and the big blind wisely got out of the way. EP raiser then pushed all-in for 7875 total and after a long ponder Vanessa folded. She is down to ~ 14K.


    Vanessa Rousso -- © Neil Stoddart

  • PokerStars qualifier Riepers has just eliminated an opponent taking his stack to 24K. A potential side-pot was developing with the eliminated player fairly shortstacked. Another player had called this all in only to have Riepers go over the top for 7K more. He folded JJ face up, whilst Riepers showed KK and the all in player AJ. No ace appeared and the king on the river just rubbed in his exit. Immediately to the left of Riepers sits DCal Zone who is around the 14K mark.

  • On the walk back I notice a marked increase in Vanessa Rousso’s stack – around twice as many as before……sure enough she limped with 10-9 suited and the blinds joined in. Flop of 6-7-8 with flush draw possibilities. Last to act Vanessa bet 500. The SB raised to 1700 and Vanessa wanting to rule out flush draws pushed in. A cold deck for the SB. He calls with 5-4, the board bricks out and Vanessa is up to 28K.
    "Seriously, that doesn't happen very often for me..." said Vanessa, "maybe once a year. So yeah I'm pleased! And did you see the poor guy's next hand? He had kings and was busted by jack-ten."

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in EPT Monte Carlo