EPT Monte Carlo: Level 5 closes

Mad Harper, the woman who knows just about everything there is to know about the PokerStars EPT statistics walked by a little bit ago and offhandedly mentioned that 48 countries are represented here at the EPT Grand Final. That puts it at nearly 25% of the world's countries with at least one representative here at the Grand Final. Pretty cool when you think about it.

Level 5 has ended here, leaving us with another level and half to play. EPT Monte Carlo chip counts have been updated. A little more than 260 players remain in Day 1B.

Here are a few snippets from the last level.

Level 5 Blinds 150/300

  • Finally some major action on table 36. It involves a confrontation between Antonio and someone not on the “known” player list. Antonio made a standard preflop raise which was called in one place leading to a heads up flop of 7-2-2 with two diamonds. A flurry of action ensued. With Antonio first to act, it went check, bet, raise, re-raise all-in, call. The opponent turned over Ax of diamonds. He was drawing dead to running aces as Antonio flipped up a pair of 7s for the nut full house. After the dust settled Antonio’s stack had doubled from 17k to 34k chips.

  • A fairly short-stacked ElkY has been eliminated. He got it all in preflop with JJ against calvin7v's KK. No miracle jack for the 2008 PCA champion and ElkY leaves the arena. Shortly after at the same table Lee Nelson raised to 825 and was called in the big blind by clavin7v. The flop was Ks-3s-8h and a bet of 1200 from Lee Nelson picked up the pot. Lee is on 24K and PokerStars qualifier calvin7v on 22K.

  • Jan Von Halle just doubled up an opponent. Jan had raised preflop to 900 and this was bumped up to 2700 by the SB. Jan called and the flop came down Qd-3c-4d. Check from the SB and Jan set him all-in by betting 6000. An instant call by the SB who had QQ. Jan was drawing dead to broadway with his AK and the runner, runner did not appear. Jan is down to 12K after that hand.


    Jan Von Halle -- © Neil Stoddart

  • Vicky Coren is in the middle of making a remarkable comeback. She has just doubled up when she flopped a straight flush. After some sneaky play from both players on the flop the money ended up going in on the turn. 7d-4d-6d-Jh. Vicky shows 3d-5d and her opponent a 3-5. A few hands later she calls an early position raise to 825 total. The flop is Ad-5d-6h and the original raiser makes it 1150. Vicky raises to 3000 total which takes it down there and then. She is now up to close to 17K.

  • Octavian_C (Jordan from Portland) is at the same table as Vicky and continues to do well. A visit with Norma, also from Portland reveals a bit more about Jordan’s poker prowess. He is an avid Sit & Go player on PokerStars frequenting the higher buy-in games and doing well. He’s translated those skills to a solid satellite strategy that won him a number of seats in live events. In live tournament play he has had a final table finish at the Bellagio 5 diamond event and has cashed in three of the five major events he has played to date. At last reading his stack is holding well above three times the average.

  • Victor Ramdin's cracked kings did not spell his end. He's managed to more than double since then. He'd not flush with chips, but he has a playable stack again.

  • Not only did we see a tennis star playing today. There was a cricket star in our midst. Check out the video blog below to see who it us.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in EPT Monte Carlo