EPT Monte Carlo: Level 9 Wrap

Players have sat down for one hour of play before they'll be able to break for some dinner. Roving reporters Ed and Steve have been on the case for all of Level 9. Here's the wrap-up.

The Ed Report

Level 9 - Blinds 400/800 ante 100

  • Antonio Esfandiari is sitting a few seats to the left of Barry Greenstein. A crazy board of Js-7s-As-Kd-Ks and 10000 already in the pot Barry had bet 8K. Antonio was trying to get information out of Barry, whose stoic face never changed. Antonio eventually folded leaving himself with 45K. Barry has around 75K.


    Antono Esfandiari -- © Neil Stoddart

  • There has been some more typical aggressive pre-flop betting from Gus Hansen. He had raised to 2300 and the SB came back over the top to 6600 total. After his usual lengthy chip shuffling Gus re-raised to 14400 and the SB moved all-in. Gus had around 35K left and decided to wait for another spot.

  • Patrik Antonius has been eliminated. Filling that seat now, two to the left of Marcel Luske, is the 2007 yearly TLB winner shaundeeb.


    Patrik Antonius -- © Neil Stoddart

  • Facing two limps Freddy Deeb makes it 4800 to play. csaboka immediately moves all in for 48K total. Freddy exchanges some banter with him and then folds. csaboka shows a A10s and he rakes the pot.

  • Humberto sings “canciones tristes” (sad ballads) in Spanish as he nurses a small stack, picking up the blinds from time to time in order to survive. While I watched and listened Norwegian Morten Lokker picked up around 25000 chips and eliminated an opponent, leaving 250 active runners. The button raised to 2500 (blinds 400-800 ante 100) and Morten raised to 6400 from the small blind. After considerable thought the button called. The flop came Th 4h 7c. Morten quickly bet out 7000 and without much delay the button pushed all-in knowing that Morten had to call. Morton showed AA but growned audibly when his opponent showed K7 of hearts for a monster draw. However the turn and river were no help and AA held.

  • With 20K in the middle and the board showing Kc-3d-6h-Jd Mel Judah bets 17K and after a long dwell up Chris Min Lee folds. He now has 42K and Mel is back up to 65K.

  • Across the room Tim Vance raises to 2300 from the cut-off. The SB makes it 6900 to play. Tim asks for a count and the SB has 23K left. I must have stood there for a full 4minutes before the clock gets called on Tim. Tim asks the SB if he called it and it was another player at the table who did the honours. Tim questions whether this is allowed as he thought it must come from a player involved but folds anyway. One gets the impression he has been taking more than his fair share of time with any decision that comes his way. For more on Vance, as well as qualifier Dom Raynis, check out the video below.

  • An early limp prompts a raise to 3000 from Marcel Luske, Shaundeeb calls, and everyone else folds. The board comes down 2h-8s-Jd-10d-8c and the only bet is a 5000 one from shaundeeb on the river. Marcel calls and shaundeeb shows 77 for the win. Marcel has 50K and shaundeeb around 95K.


    Marcel Luske -- © Neil Stoddart

  • One of the largest pots of the tournament occurred not so long ago. 6 players were in for a flop of Ad-Ac-6d. csaboka bet 6K and the cut-off raised to 15K. Rami Boukai then pushed all in for 70Kish. All others folded but csaboka also pushed in for around 50K. The cut-off then thought for an age. He had around 35K left but just could not fold AK. Rami turned over 66 and A-10 for csaboka. Two blanks on the turn and river and Rami eliminates two players scooping what must have been around a 170K pot.

  • Marc Goodwin has been eliminated – details unknown.

  • Start of the day chipleader Cyril Bensoussan bet out 5K on a board of Ah-10h-9h-3d-8h. There was only 6 in the middle so the action had probably been checked all the way. Raymond calls and shows 88 for trips. Cyril clearly lacks a heart and mucks. Cyril has 150K and Raymond 60K.

  • We have 234 players left with an average stack now of just under 54K.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in EPT Monte Carlo