EPT Monte Carlo: Light shed on table Greenstein

Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein is on death watch. The media have gathered round him, the last rites of photos performed and just a glimpse of that last hand left to do - a hand that must surely be coming. The thing is, this stakeout is now into its seventh level and Barry is still here. He doesn’t looked worried at all.

He’s never been above what he started with, but who cares, and at the start of day two he has Antonio Esfandiari and Sorel Mizzi to contend with. Sorel is the young pretender breaking into the live tournament scene, whilst ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari sits with one foot on his chair, has on a sleeveless vest and sits with a stack of chips – the definition of comfortable.

I try not to look like I’m here to capture the swansong of Barry’s grand final but it’s hard. Instead I look around at tables either side. Tim Vance on one side is out of his chair walking and talking, elsewhere a young guy rushes up to a tournament official...

“I woke up late... where can I find my table?”

Whilst he got an escort to his seat, and a lesson he'll never forget, Barry bet out 1,200 pre-flop from a stack no higher than 12K. Maybe he wants me to clear off.

Esfandiari asks how much he has and without speaking Barry takes his arms out of the way, revealing 10,300. He calls, so does Sorel Mizzi.

“I’m up against Luke and Yoda” says Esfandiari.


It’s checked to Sorel who takes a few chip of each colour and bets 2,650. Barry moves all-in with his 10,300 just as the curtains open to wash the room clean with daylight. Esfandiari mucks but Mizzi calls, showing Jc9c. Barry is ahead, showing AhJd. A king on the turn, a queen on the river and Barry has doubled up and more.

“Aye! I folded king-queen” says Esfandiari. “So sick!”

Barry back up to 25k. The curtains not closed on his tournament just yet.


Barry Greenstein -- © Neil Stoddart

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Monte Carlo