EPT Monte Carlo: Mystery Max and the case of the missing screen name

Greg "Fossilman" Raymer isn't much for coffeehousing. We learned that back in 2004 when he didn't bite on Mike Matusow's cojone bait. With that understood, that doesn't mean Raymer sits quietly at the table. To the contrary, Raymer has a story for just about every occasion. He enjoys his time at the table and gets to know about everybody.

Early in the day, someone at the table asked about the order of the table-breaks. The tournament director advised, "You'll be here all day."

With that in mind, the players at Raymer's table have become rather friendly throughout the past seven hours. Many know each other's names. Now back from dinner, though, Raymer has taken an interest in the young man in the eight-seat. He inquired about his name. "I don't want to keep saying, 'hey, mister," he explained.

The guy didn't say much. He mumbled a bit about not wanting people to know his screen name.


© Neil Stoddart

Raymer, though he is well-known by his own screen name, prefers to call people by their real names. "I don't care what your screen name is," he said.

The young gentlemen stole a look at Sorel Mizzi and another online pro at the table. "Yeah, but he might know it. And he might know it." he said.

That is the new poker. In the old days, poker players were known by their face and the name their mama gave them. Now, they enjoy a bit of anonymity.

After a bit more prodding, the online player spoke up. "My real name is Max," he said.

These kinds of things are important, if only for the psychological aspect of the game. In just the past few hours, the man known only as Max has worked his way up from a starting stack to the biggest stack at Table de Raymer.

Just now, Raymer called across the table, "So, what did you have for dinner, Max? Did you eat with Sorel?"

No matter what he munched on for dinner, Max wasn't biting now. There isn't any way to turn off chat at a live table. He shook his head and stared at the table.

This much we know: His real name is Max and his real stack sits at 50,000.

If Max keeps it up at this pace, everybody is bound to know his name--nay, names--very soon.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in EPT Monte Carlo