EPT Monte Carlo: No repeat champion and Level 3 recap

It is our sad duty to report that any hope of seeing Gavin Griffin make a run at a second title here have vanished. Griffin never found any traction today and went out in the middle of Level 3. Full details can be found below.

In the meantime, half of the players here have left for the staggered dinner break. The remaining half will play for an hour before heading out for a supper of their own.

And now, without further verbosity...

From time to time here at the PokerStars Blog, we are graced with the talents of a roving reporter we know as Ed. Ed spends his time picking out the best hands from across the floor. This week, we are favored with his look at the floor. He's aided by fellow roving reporter, Steve, in providing this version of the...

Level 3 Ed Report

  • Chad Brown has doubled up early into level 3. He and his opponent got the money in on a flop of 7-7-3. Chad showed a suited 8-7 against KK. There was no miracle king and Chad moves to around the 30K mark.


    Chad Brown -- © Neil Stoddart

  • lilholdem954 has been eliminated. He came out on the worse end of a top pair v flush draw confrontation when the flush hit.

  • Despite seemingly circling the drain for the better part of an hour, reigning champion Gavin Griffin is fighting back. UTG he raises to 450 and was called in two spots including the big blind. A flop of 7d-8c-Kc- and a 1050 bet from giving is enough to win it. He is now up to 3.5K and with blinds of only 75-150 has a bit of time on his side now

  • Gus Hansen arrived fashionably late adding spice to table 36. The table was already a hot ticket with Antonio Esfandiari, Max Pescatori and Mark Goodwin in attendance. Gus and Antonio are chatting away as a fair crowd of press listens in. To this point there have been no fireworks, though Gus has already taken down a few pots. Antonio is in good shape with over 20k chips, while Mark is sitting on about 11k. We’ll be watching and reporting should there be a big exchange of chips.

  • With a raise and a call preflop Lee Nelson led out 800 on a flop of Ah-5h-8s for 800. This was called immediately. Kd on the turn and a larger shell of 1600 from Lee was also insta-called. Both players checked a 7s on the river and subsequently turned over the same hand – a suited 7-6. Lee’s opponent held the 7-6 hearts though so was in better shape throughout.

  • Chris Moneymaker has just doubled to over 10K. With a raise and a call preflop, Chris led out on a flop of As-9h-2d for 800. A call brought the Ks on the turn and a bet of 1800 from Chris was called. The river was Jh and Chris moved in for just over 2000. His opponent dwelled for a while and then called showing A10. Chris had AJ and was ahead all the way.

  • Ram Vaswani is the sole “known player” at table 29 just across the isle from Gus, Antonio and friends at table 36. He has not been getting a lot of attention from the press. To add insult to injury his impressive stack was noticeably dented after this encounter. Ram raised to 650 (blinds are 75-150) from early position and was called in one place by seat 2 in the blinds. The flop came Ah 3c 8h and the action was check, Ram bet 2000 and was called. The turn card was 4c, leading to check, check. The river 2d would make anyone holding “the speed limit” (55) happy. Seat 2 checked, Ram bet only 1300 and after some thought was called. Seat 2 showed A7 to take down a nice pot. Ram showed KK before tossing the cards away.

  • Having recently doubled up, Chris Moneymaker is going on a small rush. With the board showing Jh-Qh-7h-6d Chris bet 1000 into the player who had recently doubled him up. The river was 3s and a 2500 bet from Chris is enough to take it and he is now close to 13K in chips.

  • Gavin Griffin is out. Details that follow are courtesy of Jon Freidberg (thanks Jon). With 6 limpers Gavin raised to 925 in an attempt to pick it up there and then. The first limper had other ideas and made it 4000 to play. Gavin was left with only 1400 or so and did the math and thought calling was the right thing to do. With Q5 against AK he had two live cards, but the board bricked out and we have lost our reigning champ.

  • As part of his SuperNova Elite package DCal Zone is over in Monte Carlo enjoying his package. On a flop of 2c-6h-2d DCal Zone bet 600 and his called by the one player left in the hand. Both players check the Jc that appears on the turn. The river is 5h and DCal Zone bets 1700 which is enough to win without confrontation. DCal Zone is up to around 18K.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in EPT Monte Carlo