EPT Monte Carlo: Say hello to Cyril

It's about this time of night we start searching out the movers and shakers. Nobody has moved nor shaken more than a guy we've come to know as Cyril Bensoussan. At one moment, we had his stack on 65,000 and started trying to figure out who he was. Before we figured that out, his chip stack sat at more than 100,000.


Bensoussan promptly disappeared for five minutes (we can only assume he was trying to calm down after taking over the chip lead for Day 1B). When he arrived, our French agent in the field, Benjo, confirmed Bensoussan's identity and advised Bensoussan is a student of well-known French pro Antony Lellouche.

There's still about an hour left to play tonight, so no predictions will be forthcoming regarding the day-end chip leader. But, if we were betting folk, we might lay down a few euros on it.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in EPT Monte Carlo