EPT Monte Carlo: The outing of Mystery Max and selected tales

It was only a matter of time before the case of Mystery Max was cracked. Frankly, we probably could've done it a while ago, but we thought it best to respect Max's privacy.

If you missed the earlier report, a man we only knew as Max was closely guarding his identity, worried that other online players at the table might have a mental file on him. Once our story hit the 'net, Max's own admission of his first name was enough for poker forums in his native Montreal to out him to the world.

When told of his development, Max shrugged.

"I was only worried about them," he said with a small smile and a point to Sorel Mizzi. As far as we know, Maxime Villemure's identity is still top secret at table 18.

And what a place to be.

All day long, the one-seat Maria Maceiras ran into monsters. If it wasn't queens against kings, it was kings against aces. Her nemesis, however, was one Sorel Mizzi. In one notable hand, Macerias came in for a raise with a pair of kings. Mizzi re-raised, only to see a short-stack push in, and Maceiria follow suit. Mizzi realized he'd miscounted Macerias' stack and was committed. He called with JcTc.

Understand, Mizzi had been running hot. Seconds before, he'd cracked aces with pocket sevens, all-in pre-flop. Again, he was close to committed in the battle of the blinds. Still, the seven in the door was a little sick.

"This poker thing is silly," Mizzi said.

Now in the hand with Maceiras, Mizzi was a bit sheepish as he put in his money. He flopped a jack, but couldn't find the suckout.

"You're evil," Maceiras said. "You re-raise me with jack-ten."

"It was too pretty to fold," Mizzi giggled.

Just moments later, they were at it again. Maceiras came in for a raise, and Mizzi re-raised. Maceiras had had enough and put in her chips. AQ for the lady, KQ for Mizzi.

In door?

Yep. A king.

Mel Judah has now taken the one-seat at table. He'll face the remains of the day, including Greg Raymer, Mizzi, and the guy we'll continue to call Mystery Max, just because it's fun.

A little more than 200 players remain with about two hours of play left in the night.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in EPT Monte Carlo