EPT Monte Carlo: Titans clash

At an event the size and scope of the PokerStars EPT Grand Final, you expect to see planets collide. No matter how random the seat draw, the biggest players in the poker world will not be able to avoid each other Whether it's silly luck or some sick joke played by the poker fates, the table draws today are nothing short of amazing. No fewer than ten tables in this room would qualify as the kind about which TV producers get giddy. Here's our list of superlatives for the big tables in the room.

Table 18--Most Educational

In the dark end of the room, Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer sits elbow-to-elbow with online phenom Sorel Mizzi. Before the second hand is dealt, Raymer and Mizzi have already entered a lengthy discission on poker tells and ages old hands. The conversation is as enlightening as the men are relaxed. They sit in stark contrast to the tense, shades-wearing opponents at the table. If I were them, I'd stay quiet to. They might just learn something.


Masterclass with Raymer and Mizzi

Table 7--Most Volatile

Nearly every big poker player has an image to maintain. Even if they don't try, Ted Lawson and Jeff Lisandro have a repuation in the poker world. Without delving too deeply into these images, putting both men at the same table has the possibility of striking flint and steel over a pile of dry straw.

Table 15--Most Likely to Divide the Dutch

It's not as if there are few Dutch poker players here. However, two of the biggest Dutch names in poker are sitting right across from each other. Marcel Luske and Rob Hollink (Season 1 Grand Final Champion) could clash before the day is over. If only Noah Boeken and Rolf Slotboom could get moved there!


Noah Boeken checks in on his Table Dutch to see what he's missing

Table 25--Least likely to get in a fight

John Shipley, Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Rahme, and Carl Olson are all fierce players and one with whom we wouldn't trifle. That said, it's hard to find a more polite bunch at the table. If they were any more nice, we might question their ability to go for the jugular. Fortunately, they let their play do the talking for them.

Tables 31 and 37 (tie)--Best Girl on Boatman Battle

Both of the Boatman brothers are in action today. Barny Boatman is facing off against Annette Obrestad. His brother Ross is matched up against Anna Wroblewski. Discuss.

Table 33--Most likely to get mispronounced

Jan Boubli and Kiril Gerasimov. Though their faces are immediately recognizable, their names are not recongized by spell check. Fortunately, Boubli is an EPT champion and Gerasimov is a WPT champion, so we've learned how to spell their names. As for saying them...

Table 30--Coolest Team PokerStars Pro Matchup

Luca Pagano, the suave Italian with the perfect wink, sits across from Andre Akkari, the bronzed Brazilian with the perfect smile.


Andrea Akkari

Table 29--Toughest Team PokerStars Pro Matchup

Katja Thater won her first World Series bracelt last year. Tuan Lam nearly won his (if you missed it, he took second in the main event). Today they do battle at the same table.

Table 50--Most likely to be quiet as they take all the chips

Masa Kagawa, Bill Edler, and Phil Ivey. Nice. Quiet. Dangerous. All sitting at the same table.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in EPT Monte Carlo