EPT San Remo: Back for more on day 1b

Noon, kids playing, lazy pedestrians with no need to rush; pedestrians with a need to rush deciding instead to take it slow, all passing by the hotel window. Everything is slow, and why not? Wednesday in San Remo looks pretty much like Tuesday did. Maybe take sip coffee, fling the morning newspaper back across the room for later and enjoy the scenery – even the seagulls have taken time off.


Then the unmistakable victory whoop of Swedish men down the hall playing online – a noise part surprise, part martial art. Then another – this guy is doing well – then life snaps back into work mode – for this may be a premier Italian holiday destination, but this week it’s also the world’s premier poker destination and today is day 1b of the PokerStars.com EPT San Remo.

337 played on day 1a and there will be more than that today. Casino Ran Remo can take it - yesterday officials marshalled players, press and railbirds through nine levels, a side event and some sit n go’s. With a little adjusting to expand a little, like loosening your belt a notch after Sunday lunch, things should go equally as well today.

The Casino San Remo is a short walk from everywhere, a road or two ‘up’ from sea level. Here everything overlooks the sea which helps late night navigation, keeping the sea always on your left or your right until you find your hotel.


Man most likely to be taking a cab last night was chip leader and PokerStars qualifier Ville Nyman who finished the day on just over 107k ahead of German Henrick Brockmann on 100k. They were the only two players to break to three figure barrier.

Success wasn’t restricted to the chip leaders with Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano setting a blistering pace that must have helped sooth his busy mind. He finished with 54,500; a comfortable slot for day three.

Whilst we lost the likes of Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater, Patrick Antonius, Alberto Tomba, Julian Thew, Magnus Peterson, Mel Judah and Christian Oman; Raymond Rahme managed to find a route through to day two, as did Liz Lieu, Marcus Golser and Pascal Perrault among others. You can find a full list of chip counts from day 1a by clicking here or via the link at the top of this page.


The Casino San Remo

What lays in wait today? Another nine levels of action featuring an equally action-minded field, including the following...

Daniel Negreanu – Canada – Team PokerStars Pro
Kid Poker returns to the EPT having draw crowds earlier this season in Dortmund and Copenhagen. Yet to strike in the latter stages of an EPT Daniel has two WPT and three WSOP titles and his astonishing records reads of 16 WPT cashes (nine final tables), 27 WSOP cashes (16 final tables). Hardly a surprise that he’s one of the most feared players in the game.

Lee Nelson – New Zealand – Team PokerStars Pro
Nicknamed ‘Final Table’ for his tendency to win or go close in the events he plays in, Lee is an Aussie Millions winner and a respected poker author with his Book Kill Phil explaining in detail (and math) how to beat the big guys. He new book ‘Kill Everyone’ will be available soon.

Vanessa Rousso – United States – Team PokerStars Pro
The self-confessed nerd is one of the best newcomers to the live poker scene having wowed crowds in both Las Vegas and Europe. Vanessa has five WPT cashes (including two final tables) and four WSOP cashes – in San Remo looking for at least her first EPT cash.

Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier – France – Team PokerStars Pro‘ElkY’ won the PCA last January ahead of a massive field, redeeming himself for coming second at the EPT Copenhagen a year earlier. A ‘Starcraft’ player in Korea before switching to poker he is a likely candidate for first player to win two EPT titles.

Chad Brown – United States
Known in some circles as fiancé to Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso (who plays tomorrow) in other circles he is known as an established pro with over $2 million in prize money to his name. Chad final tabled in the EPT London and formerly presented a poker show in the United States. Aside from that he has 19 WSOP cashes and six WPT cashes.

Thierry van den Berg – Netherlands
Four EPT cashes in season four alone including final tables in Baden and Dublin. Still looking for that first win.

Arnaud Mattern – France
French pro based in London who won the EPT Prague in impressive fashion. One of a bunch of French players storming the poker world.

Noah Boeken – Netherlands – Team PokerStars Pro
Noah first hit the headlines when he won the EPT Copenhagen in season one and made the final table in London. He has six EPT cashes to his name and a WSOP final table. Noah also features in the new PokerStars television commercials.

Marc Goodwin – England
The pro formerly sold double glazed windows for a living before quitting to play full time. It’s paid off, with tournament winnings of over $1 million.

Isabelle Mercier – Canada – Team PokerStars Pro‘No Mercy’ Mercier famously spent years playing poker around the world and living out of a suitcase. Now based in Montreal in her native Canada Isabelle returns to the EPT after playing stateside, hoping to add to a tournament resume that adds up to over $600k.

Trond Eidsvig – Norway – PokerStars qualifier
The Rookie of the Year at the Scandinavian Poker Awards sponsored by PokerStars earlier this year, Trond has made two EPT final tables in this season alone as well as winning the Amsterdam Master Classic event last November.

Tony G – Lithuania
A character in world poker thanks mainly to her merciless approach to opponents who have been known to wilt under his pressure.

Rob Hollink – Netherlands – PokerStars qualifier
Winner of the EPT Grand Final in season one and a tournament pro of high regard prior to that.

Mike McDonald – Canada – PokerStars Sponsored Player
McDonald, or ‘Timex’ as he’s known online, won the PokerStars.com EPT Dortmund earlier this season with a masterful display that few thought beyond him. Part of the new generation of players looking for a second EPT title.

Daniel Ryan – United States – PokerStars qualifier
An habitual qualifier, the American who now lives in Alicante, Spain, has had a break out year, with a tenth place in Prague and a fifth place finish in Copenhagen.

Johannes Strassmann – Germany – PokerStars Sponsored Player
A final table finish in Dortmund that many thought he exited too early. Despite dominating the chatty German pro missed out on home turf. Few better places to set that right than in San Remo.

Johnny Lodden – Norway
A regular EPT cash finisher over the last two seasons, Lodden still searches for that first final table finish. Soon to be seen with a lot of chips.

William Thorson – Norway
An incredible tournament record, most recently stamped with a ninth place finish at the PCA in January. Before that there were numerous cashes in WSOP and WPT events. He also finished 13th in the WSOP main event in 2006.

Michael Schulze – Germany
The winner at the EPT in Warsaw two weeks ago here to make it two wins in a row. Back in Warsaw he never booked his hotel room for more than a day at a time, and cancelled a flight home each day as he made it deeper into the event. He may be on the phone again by the end of the day.

Theo Jorgensen – Denmark
Known to be one of the best chip rifflers in the game, Jorgensen has two EPT final tables to his name as well as a bundle of WSOP, WPT and other cashes.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT San Remo