EPT San Remo: Negreanu and Strassmann battling to the end

Jonas Klausen is all-in on Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu’s table. His opponent facing him goes through a lot of face pulling and eye scratching as he thinks over what could be a call for his tournament life. Daniel shakes his head a little and Martin Wendt also playing looks over at the clock – this table has played three hands in ten minutes...


Thomas Kremser is on his way...


Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu earlier today

“You might want to keep someone here all night...” says Daniel as the player in question is given a minute to decide. He looks behind him at the clock like he’s being chased, which in a way he is, with Thomas Kremser stood at his shoulder, ready with the countdown.

Five... four... three...

For maximum dramatic effect, which always goes down well this late, he moves all-in with three seconds to spare, turning over K-J for a pair. Jonas shows pocket-queens, for a better pair. The river is a nine and Jonas claps his hands – one of those victory claps – and the game moves on, minus a player of course.

Jonas Klausen is now up to nearly 50k.

Daniel has been yawning for a while with this being the eighth hour of poker. He picks the next hand to move in with on a 6-7-Q flop, having called a 3k bet. The turn brought a four. His opponent checked leaving the Team PokerStars Pro push his stack neatly into the middle. A quick fold is the best way to describe what happened next, and Daniel eeks out a few thousand more.

A few tables along sits PokerStars Sponsored Player Johannes Strassmann...

Johannes has been writing notes all night of hands played and what-not, and smiles bashfully whenever his neighbours show curiosity or try to take a peek. He has 21k, not great for level eight but enough to work with. He takes a sip of water and checks his next hand.


PokerStars Sponsored Player Johannes Strassmann

A player two seats before him has moved in - time for Johannes to do the same. A-K for him, A-J for the all-in player who stands up ready for his fate.


That puts the all-in player ahead...


... then behind again. Johannes reaches over to take his new chips, but the dealer slows him down, intending on a count. But Johannes is right, he has him covered and there’s a seat open on Table Strassmann. A 25k pot...

“I’m back in the game” he says, broad smile on his face.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT San Remo