EPT Warsaw: Day one wrapped up in Poland

For a full list of combined chip counts at the end of day one, click here.

That’s the door closed on day one. 359 players over two days, with the remnants, numbering 58, looking back on the last eight hours wondering what all the fuss was about. Actually that’s not exactly true - more a glance forward at 14 full duvet hours between now and the start of day two.

Day 1b had a musician, just like day 1a; it had its extravagant showman, just like day one; it had a few Scandinavian orchestrators, just as day1a; as well as a visitors from stateside barnstorming the EPT for a shot at high priced silver wear. Which player fits which description I’ll leave to someone else, but it also left a chip leader without dispute, performed well by Robert Flink on day 1a, finishing with 113k.


Andy Black

It was a volatile day for Andy Black, who ran through a succession of formidable foes, each more than capable of denting the Irishman’s karma. Dave Colclough started the day alongside him, fairing no better than Thomas Wahlroos who was sent packing because of Black. EPT Prague winner Arnaud Mattern had a front row seat to these Black arts before his own demise. As play ended on the day it was Liz Lieu arriving at his self described table of death – a day of no let up perhaps, but it’s just show from a man who thrives in his level competition –just as much as the cowardly might resist it.

Team PokerStars Pro and former World Champion Greg Raymer probably had a longer stay planned before his exit before dinner – A-K versus A-K with a flush quickly turning Raymer into a tourist. Fellow Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano survived a little longer but found himself on the less fun side of the rail in quick time.


Mads Andersen

As players such as Thierry van den Berg, Liz Lieu, Mads Andersen and PokerStars sponsored player Sebastian Ruthenberg prepare for day two tomorrow it’s worth giving a quick heads up to poker legend Mel Judah who after eight EPT attempts has finally made it to a day two of an EPT, instead he says, of his traditional finish at some point in the last half hour of day 1.


PokerStars Sponsored Player Sebastian Ruthenberg


Eighth time lucky Mel Judah

Whilst they toast their initial success others climbed the 36 steps to ground level one by one. Among them the bankable William Thorson, Joris Jaspers, Soren Jensen, Soren Kongsgaard, Dave Colclough, Thor Hansen, Thomas Wahlroos and all the way back in level one Ed de Haas.


William Thorson

Whilst all that kicked off inside Casino Poland, EPT presenter Kara Scott and PokerStars qualifier Mark Hirleman hit the sidewalks of Warsaw for a glimpse of the local custom, a rare treat for people normally confined to hotel limits. Kara then returned in time to examine the delicate issue of poker fashion.

61 made it through today, joining the 72 from yesterday, making for a day two field of 130 tomorrow at 2pm local time; 1pm in the UK or 8am back on the East Coast.

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Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Warsaw