EPT Budapest: A Greek tragedy

Table one has rapidly become the table of certain death here today. Dave Hardy, Dwayne Stacey, Brice Cournut, George McKeever, Robert Firestone and Mauro Corsetti have all sat there for at least a couple of hands today, but are now walking the streets of Budapest and out of this tournament.

These eliminations were largely responsible for the incredible surge up the tournament leaderboard of the Greek player Pantelis Pavlis, who went from an overnight stack of 59,500 to more than 400,000. But if flirt with the poker gods to such a large extent, there's always the chance that they'll suddenly turn and send a bolt of lightening right back at you, something that has just happened to dramatic effect to Pavlis.

He got his now huge stack all in pre-flop against the established might of Albert Iversen, and the Greek was well armed with pocket aces. Iversen had queens. But the first card on the flop was another queen, and - kaboom! - there's a smoking heap of clothes left where Pavlis previously sat.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Budapest