EPT London: Bullet-point bulletin - No3

Players are taking a 15 minute break at the end of level four. When they return, they'll be playing blinds of 150-300, the last level before the ante kicks in.

Here's another quick run down of what's going on:

  • The current biggest three stacks seem to belong to Walid Rizkallah, from France, with 38,000; Arnaud Mattern, also from France, who has 35,000 and Vicky Coren, of England and Team PokerStars Pro, with 32,000.
  • The information screens displays this: "Collected: £2,865,200" which has something to do with the following:
  • The official number of players today is 294. If we get something similar tomorrow - and typically the second of the two day ones has more runners - this will be the largest EPT London to date.
  • Last year's EPT London had 394 runners; there were 398 on season three (although the buy-in was smaller); there were 242 on season two and 175 on season one.
  • Jason Mercier, the PokerStars player who won in San Remo last season, was involved in the hand of the level. It actually extended at least five minutes into the break, and resulted in Mercier's opponent calling the clock on the American.

    _MG_4500_Neil Stoddart.jpg
    Jason Mercier

    The board was 2d-8c-10d-9c-10s and his opponent had slid 4,000 into the middle. Mercier eventually folded, saying: "You hit the ten. You had something like ace-ten. Any other river and I call."
  • Kathy Liebert is wearing the little-seen purple PokerStars baseball cap.
  • The three-pointed tables used for players' drinks at the Vic are the winners of the prize for "Table Design Most Likely To Be Knocked Over" at the 1976 Table Design awards.
  • Players have been served a complimentary glass of wine some of which have been placed on the three-pointed tables, some of which have been knocked over.

    Howard Swains
    @howardswains in London