EPT8 Berlin: Marching into Day 1B


If rumour is to be believed, The Hyatt Hotel, just off Potsdamer Platz, will be overrun with poker players today, as the second Day 1 flight readies itself for ten levels of poker on a sunny but cold day in the German capital.

This preparation for a day of play comes in a variety of forms. Those who believe in being fresh and well rested will be just that, walking to the Hyatt lobby (or at least taking the elevator) with energy in their step, having declined alcohol and anything more stimulating than an early night to be well prepared for, let's face it, what could be an early elimination if things don't go well.

Then there are those on the flip side of this, still standing outside to smoke, who didn't have time to wash this morning because they were out late last night and didn't wake up until 20 minutes ago. In fact some of the members of this school of thought are still asleep.

The Brandenberg Gate

Regardless of what approach you take, and admittedly there are large numbers in between those two extremes (they're in Starbucks right now), what we have ahead of us is one of the highlight days of the season; a field packed with talent, spread across two buildings. Their marker in the sand is the 201,600 bagged up by Vladimir Geshkenbein at the bell last night (he's one of the latter group mentioned above by the way).

Play is due to start at 12pm, but given that was ten minute ago ew're predicting a slightly delayed start. Details of all the action will be here throughout the day, with live coverage on our appropriately named live coverage page.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in Berlin