EPT8 Berlin: Busquet rested after heroic Campione campaign


Rather than jumping into the nearest game to continue what was turning into a good run, EPT Campione runner-up Olivier Busquet took time off from poker before re-engaging in Berlin. At the first break things were all-square for the New Yorker, whose table featuring Will Molson, Scott Seiver and Andrew Brokos is now the secondary feature table.

It was two weeks ago when Busquet and Jannick Wrang, seemingly oblivious to the agony of 3am, put an end to the Campione main event, which was deep enough to have gone on for several more levels. Busquet settled for second after a convincing performance.

"Campione went really well for me obviously. I didn't think I ran great pre-flop (in the final) but I could easily have finished fourth or fifth so I was happy to get second."

But, rather than the "sick grind" that would involve immediately going straight to the next event, Busquet flew back to New York for some vital rest and relaxation.

"That was a great decision for me," said Busquet. "I was really happy to be home, I saw my family, spent time with friends, and I've been meditating a bunch. I just worked out and ate really healthy and I feel really well rested."

Olivier Busquet in Campione

It's a lesson for the younger players keen on playing every event, fearful perhaps that the title that fate had laid out for them, might go missed.

"I'm happy I just didn't decide to play the tour through and go to Vienna and keep playing the whole time," said Busquet. "So I feel rested, confident and I'm just hoping my run good continues.

"My family had an Easter at home which I wanted to be a part of, but I do try to in general make an effort to not play too much. I think that's something that a lot of players make mistakes about, whether online or playing live. People say things like 'oh what a sick grinder' and what it refers to is people putting in an enormous amount of volume. A lot of poker is volume based. But I think you have to focus on quality too and if you play too much quantity your quality will suffer."

In terms of quality, Busquet's performance in Italy seemed merely an extension of his result in Madrid a few weeks earlier, during which he dragged a short stack into the money. Is it a case of waiting for the next poker hand or does one book close on an event and another open?

"It might be a combination of both," said Busquet. "In terms of my confidence and my desire to play live tournaments, some of that is determined by how I'm running. So if I do well in a tournament and play well it kind of makes me want to play more of them. But at the same time I try not to let individual results, or a small number of hands, determine too much of how I'm feeling or how I'm doing."

How successful Busquet is at doing that will be determined this week. You get the impression however that a rest will be as good as a change.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in Berlin