EPT8 Berlin: David Vamplew fails to heed own advice, bubbles main event

ept-thumb-promo.jpg"#eptberlin going to try not to bubble" tweeted David Vamplew yesterday morning ahead of him taking his seat for Day 1B. And try he did. Succeed he did not. The EPT London Season 7 winner got it in good, pocket kings no less, against the pocket queens of Heinz Kamutzki with 113 players remaining. The next player out would be the last to leave with nothing to show for their efforts. A queen on the flop quickly put his intention to avoid the bubble up against the wall. Blank turn and river cards acted as the firing squad to kill off his chips.

ept berlin_day 2_david vamplew.jpg

David Vamplew: probably not smiling now

The scrum around the table had been so thick with camera crews and players we were largely relying on the announcements of the tournament staff to follow the action. After a round of applause, which everyone but Vamplew wanted to hear, the melee split apart. The Scotsman walked towards us - we were situated between him and the exit after all.

Hold on, that wasn't you, was it?

"Yup, it was me," said Vamplew, a look of flustered resignation on his face.

A couple of spluttered platitudes later and some 'oh-well-that's-poker' eyebrow raises later Vamplew said: "Right I'm off to watch the football. Chelsea will probably get crushed."

And off he went, the bubble boy for the second EPT on the bounce. Okay, at EPT Campione he was the final table bubble - not the actual bubble - after getting eliminated in 10th place for €41,000, but both must be painful.

Tournament snapshot
Level 16: blinds 2,00-4,000, ante 500
Players: 112 of 745
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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in Berlin