EPT8 Berlin: Delight for Kitai while Wright stumbles. MacPhee out.


After a self-described bluff in a bad spot, Kevin MacPhee has crashed out of the main event, falling short of a fourth final table and a second EPT Berlin title. He followed Andreas Vlachos, the talkative Greek (albeit talking to himself) who was eliminated moments before MacPhee in a hand against Davidi Kitai, whose pocket aces ruined the Greek's ace-jack.

It caused a brief pause in play as tables were balanced, which Tomas Cibak found disagreeable as the clock continued to tick down. Geshkenbein, next to him, stretched took the opportunity to stretch his legs, accidentally taking a blue chip with him, which he dropped like kryptonite when warned by the dealer.

Geshkenbein's stack continued to grow but interestingly, for a civil engineering student, it wobbles a precariously. Three towers of blue worth 200,000 each sway from side to side, on top of which "lucky monkey" is perched Kong like, about to fall off.

On the other table Marc Wright was losing half of his stack, reduced to less than 1.5 million in a hand against Bahadir Kilickeser who showed a set of eights to Wright's top pair, and is now chip leader.

Wright was cross with himself, talking out loud, telling himself what he should have done. He was powerless as the hand played out. Kilickeser let out a "yes!" as did a man who came out of nowhere to pat Kilickeser on the back. They come out of the woodwork in these deep situations.

Bahadir Kilickeser

Wright won the next hand but will surely be looking to avoid trouble. He was chip leader with 15 left at the Irish Open two weeks ago. He lost the lead and was out within four hands in a single orbit back in Dublin. He'll want to avoid as similar fate in his first EPT.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in Berlin