EPT8 Berlin: Geshkenbein on maniac play and tightening up...


Yesterday Vladimir Geshkenbein spent the day as chip leader, until Anton Wigg pipped him at the end. As he assumed the lead Geshkenbein, from behind the thick cloud of cigarette smoke in the soon-to-be-condemned smoking area, put this down to his maniacal style of play which, accompanied by a sinister smile that you'd imagine seeing on the face of the man who robs you in a dark alley, strikes fear in those trying to take back some of the chips they'd lost to him.

After a slip from Anton Wigg in the first level of play Geshkenbein found himself back out in front, albeit briefly, but at the break he remained in good position, and showing no signs of abandoning the form that served him well yesterday. At least I thought it was "form".

"I was just getting the better cards," said Geshkenbein. "I got it in with kings against jacks against ace queen, everybody would get it in there, or I would with jacks or ace queen, it's the nuts in these games, and I held , so that's it."

Vladimir Geshkenbein

As for the maniac style, even Geshkenbein was prepared to show leniency.

"If some guy is going even more crazy I have to stop and tighten up," he said. "But if everybody keeps folding, it's good to be a maniac, you know?"

Somehow it seems unlikely he'll change much and you sense he has them where he wants them. All of them.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in Berlin