EPT8 Berlin: Molson resigned to defeat, Geshkenbein not far behind?

ept-thumb-promo.jpgA black cloud was hanging over one corner of the tournament room quietly rumbling above the heads of Will Molson (slumped, arms crossed) and Vladimir Geshkenbein (slumped, arms uncrossed). Molson had started the day short and had made his way up to 140,000, still a long way from safety, while Geshkenbein had begun the day second in chips only to spin his stack down to 300,000.

Both players looked miserable, thunder flashing on Geshkenbein's face, just a disconsolate gloom on Molson's. The Russian, who had been tweeting about his success in isolating the 'table fish' and his failure to then win any pots from him, slid out his big blind and down his chair a little further. Molson peeked at his cards and moved his remaining 136,000 across the line from the under-the-gun position. It didn't take long to find a customer. Kenny Hicks in the next seat along re-jammed for close to 500,000.

ept berlin_day 3_will molson.jpg

Molson looking positively ecstatic in comaprison

The Canadian turned Q♦Q♠ on its back and looked at Hicks' A♠K♣ with an expression that seemed to accept that he would lose the flip. The flop, however, seemed to say otherwise: 5♥Q♥J♣ for top set. Molson still looked as if he was the one with the losing hand, his jaw trapped tightly shut. Hicks looked less optimistic about his four-outer.

The 7♦ blanked out. Molson stared at the board as if disbelieving that the turn hadn't brought the ten. He didn't have to wait much longer. The T♥ was dealt on the river. There was no groan from Molson, no eyeball roll, not even an exhalation of surprise from what I could hear. It was as Molson knew it was coming. He shook Hicks' hand and went to the cash desk to collect €13,000 for his 42nd place payout.

Geshkenbein continues to grind and must get some chips again soon. I fear he may slip under the table if not.

Geshkenbein has since doubled with ace-ten through ace-ten all-in pre-flop hitting runner-runner flush to chip up to 700,000.

Tournament snapshot
Level 20: blinds 5,000-10,000
Players: 38 of 745
Average stack: 588,000
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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in Berlin