EPT8 Berlin: No one leaves empty handed, but please arrive empty handed


Those eliminated in the early stages of play today can expect a pay-out of €7,500 which, if you've had to rely on Hotel refreshment since Day 1, just about covers your drinks tab.

Taylor Paur was one player trying to cut corners on his coffee bill, turned away from the entrance to the tournament area with his pint of Starbucks coffee by the friendly but firm security guard with instructions to defend the company's bottom line. We saw this, because we'd been trying the same thing.

Back on the tournament floor (after leaving half a cup of coffee outside, the first half having burned away taste buds anyway), players are beginning to make their way to the door, the first of the 78 eliminations that will take place today.

The Hyatt

For the most part all-ins and calls are called out to allow television crews to capture events, at least two camera men and two sound men. Ulrich Hellriegel's departure garnered none of these, although he still left smiling; his financial compensation secure even if he'll not be able to re-live it on television at some point later this year.

Not so Ana Marquez, whose departure was filmed by four camera rather than two, her exit taking place on the feature table; her pocket queens overcome by the ace-queen of August Schlegl who caught an ace on the flop. Marquez was all smiles as she exited left to the pay-out desk.

Will Molson was among those all-in but finding no takers. His chips were in the middle with only Jeffrey Hakim, bubble boy back in Barcelona, left to act. Hakim, who has a beard of iron filings, like one of the Ant Hill mob, tanked but ultimately folded.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in Berlin