EPT8 Berlin: Pratyush Buddiga win the Skrill last longer bet and a massive pot

ept-thumb-promo.jpgThe departures of Kevin MacPhee (19th) and Tomas Cibak (13th) were welcome eliminations for Pratyush Buddiga not only in terms of laddering towards the final table but also because they were his last two rivals in the Skrill last longer bet.

If you don a patch of the official EPT payment provider sponsor from Day 1 and are the last player left in the tournament Skrill deposit your buy-in into your account. Simple. And as if it wasn't enough for Buddiga to bink €5,000 for free, he slammed a massive cooler on Vladimir Geshkenbein shortly after to rocket him towards the chip lead with 2,500,000.

ept berlin_day4 _pratyush buddiga.jpg

Pratyush Buddiga, winner of the Skrill last longer

Geshkenbein had opened to 62,000 and Buddiga three-bet to 156,000 in position. Geshkenbein made the call and checked the K♣K♥6♥ flop to the raiser. Buddiga obliged a c-bet of 133,000 and Geshkenbein check-raised to 300,000 while staring his American opponent down. Buddiga licked his lips, both literally and metaphorically as it would happen, looked down at his stack and after a short wait announced a raise to 470,000. Geshkenbein quickly announced that he was all-in. Call.

Geshkenbein: K♠J♥
Buddiga: A♠K♦

"Nice flop," said Geshkenbein, the closest to being flustered we've seen him.

The 5♥ hit the turn and Geshkenbein smiled, the suckout was coming. He chortled. A jack or a heart would ship Geshkenbein the 2,500,000 pot. The river filled Buddiga up with the A♦ leaving Geshkenbein short with 300,000. He was to go next, out in 10th and wiith him went, yet again, the hopes for a first EPT double champion.

Buddiga has already all but doubled his live winnings of $60,054. He's now guaranteed €51,000. No, make it €56,000 when you factor in his €5,000 buy-in back.

Tournament snapshot
Level 25: blinds 15,000-30,000, ante 4,000
Players: tbc
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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in Berlin