EPT8 Berlin: Scott Seiver looking for his maiden cash

ept-thumb-promo.jpgScott Seiver is a big name player that we don't see that frequently on this side of the Atlantic but given his recent success that may well change. The 27-year-old American arrives here off the back of a $560,000 success in a series of TV tournaments which saw him triumph over the likes of Vanessa Selbst, Tom Dwan, Phil Hellmuth Laak, Elky and Dan Cates.

Seiver may be used to facing top notch opposition but his EPT Berlin starting draw was still somewhat grim looking; Will Molson, Olivier Busquet and Barny Boatman were scattered in the seats around him.

"It's incredibly annoying," said a smiling Seiver, not looking annoyed at all, "I have some of the best tournament players, not just in the tournament but possibly the world right now, that just happen to be on my table in a giant tournament. It's frustrating to say the least but hopefully I'll just fight through it."

And fight he has, making a big call against Barny Boatman just ten minutes before the first break of the day.

"I raised from the cut-off and Barny three-bet ace-king. I called and he basically bet the flop, bet the turn, which brought up three clubs and three to a straight. I had the queen of clubs and an ace so I called down because I had the flush draw and a gutshot as well. The river came the fourth club and paired the board and he (Boatman) over bet all-in. He bet 9,000 into about 7,000 all-in. I thought for a while and made the call with the queen-flush. He had ace-high," said Seiver, who looks like he could have walked straight off the set of a Seth Rogan film.

The board had read J♣4♣3♠5♣3♣ making it far from a straightforward call for Seiver, which took some time and staring to happen. Boatman had quickly left after tabling his hand, grabbing his coat and leaving his chair in one fluid motion.

ept berlin_day 1a_the tv table.jpg

The TV table

Do you think there was any chance that he misread his hand or was it a stone cold bluff?

"I don't think so because as soon as I called he said that I had it," said Seiver with a strangely apologetic shrug.

Although the American has approaching $5,000,000 in live tournament winnings, putting him in the high 60's of all-time cashes, he is yet to cash in an EPT main event. Is it from tournament run bad, a failure to adapt to European opponents or that he hasn't played many? The latter, it seems.

"I haven't played many at all. I'd guess that maybe I've played four, maybe five, but I'm feeling really good after my win and hoping to change that here."

Seiver's got off a good start and is now playing on the secondary feature table, i.e. a table that has space for a camera crew around it but not the big whizz-bang TV table. European Poker Tour glory is the remaining spike that Seiver needs to collect his triple crown. Berlin would be an epic place to complete it.

Tournament snapshot
Level 4: blinds 100-200, ante 25
Players: in excess of 240
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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in Berlin