EPT8 Berlin: Searching for German talent, step forward 'wizowizo'

ept-thumb-promo.jpgThere are hundreds of players at every European Poker Tour destination of which only a modest amount can be focussed upon in the live coverage. Priority is thus given to big names, big stacks, those with previous successes and those that have consistently proved themselves to make for interesting copy (Nasr El Nasr, for instance).

Domestic players often fly under our radar until the later stages when the hopes for a local winner come to the fore but here in Berlin we're trying to jumpstart that process. Tapping into the knowledge of the PokerStars Blog's German correspondent, Robin Scherr, we were given a shortlist of some of those local (well, German) players.

Our pick of the bunch is Ole Schemion, a young German who won last year's PokerStars Yearly TLB with 55,172 points under the screen name of 'wizowizo' - he finished just ahead of 'APD0290' (54,021) and 'uaredead lol' (50,335). Schemion is sat wearing a clean white Quicksilver t-shirt, nursing his starting stack just a few seats around from Team PokerStars Pro and EPT Copenhagen runner-up Pierre Neuville. He looks young but it's hard to put an age to him, physically fit perhaps by virtue of age alone rather than effort, the late 20's/early 30's descent into paunch and pudginess likely still some time away.

ept berlin_day 1a_ole schemion.jpg

Ole 'wizowizo' Schemion

Schemion's online credentials are solid. He won the first Super Tuesday of the month for $73,027 and that's not a tournament that pays out easily. Schemion, who is a friend of 6th place EPT Campione finisher Mario Nagel, has scored just shy of $100,000 in live tournaments winnings since his first cash, a €54,200 first place victory in a €1,000 EPT Berlin side event last year. Bar a few minor cashes, Schemioin scored a $9,000 win at this year's PCA Battleship Event.

Having watched him for a couple of orbits the German seems to be patient rather than relentless, entering just one pot and barrelling into twice on a J♦7♥2♣A♠ board to win the hand. That puts Schmeion up to 35,000, a modest return on his starting stack. Perhaps he's been card dead, perhaps he's a slow starter, but it's hard to imagine that he's simply a wait for aces nit. Even if not here in Berlin, we expect to Schemion make a deep run sooner rather than later.

Tournament snapshot
Level 7: blinds 250-500, ante 50
Players: 184 of 243
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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in Berlin