EPT8 Berlin: Temperature rises with inevitable results


It's getting fruity in the far corner of the tournament room. Play is into Level 9 now, with an hour and a half still to play on what has already been a long day. It's inevitable that the heat of so many bodies should push general hygiene to the limit, and that limit has broken. By midnight we'll need heavy lifting gear to get rid of the smell.

The players are not the only ones working hard this evening. That list would also include the casino staff lugging trays of drinks and sandwiches between the tables, and Kevin MacPhee's hair gel, faithful cement that has kept the former Berlin champions hair perfectly coiffured since he arrived this afternoon.

Immaculate: Kevin MacPhee

MacPhee was among those beckoning one of the vendors who, glad to lighten his load, handed over a bottle of something; one less bead of sweat to run down the side of his face.

The feature table is still in action, hosted by Robbie Thompson who keeps everyone moving along. At that table is Cengizcan Ulusu, something of a legend in EPT circles.

The last time he was on the feature table was in the final of EPT Dortmund, back in Season 5. It was there, to the bewilderment of the players he was up against, not to mention those watching on EPT Live, that Ulusu, presumably after losing his mind, took a coin from his pocket, flipped it, and took the answer to mean he should call for his tournament life. He did, and his departure that day in eighth tells you all you need to know about how that turned out.

Great to see him back where he belongs.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in Berlin