EPT8 Berlin: Twitter is your friend

ept-thumb-promo.jpgTechnology is moving on at a fair old clip, just in case you hadn't noticed. According to Moore's law, computing power doubles approximately every two years and with it online media rich environments have blossomed creating things like blogs, Facebook, Twitter and online poker, i.e. everything that is good in the world (well, you'll probably agree with us if you're reading this anyway).

The explosion of touchy feely media avenues is fantastic if you're a laptop/smartphone/tablet follower of live poker events, or online ones for that matter. Not only is there the, quite frankly, fantastic coverage provided by the PokerStars Blog* but you can easily follow your friends, enemies and poker heroes with an easy click of a button on Facebook or Twitter.

*Everyone else self-promotes in the poker business, who are we to break the convention.

ept berlin_day 1b_matthias de meulder.jpg

Matthias De Meulder, aka @mattionfire

Live reporting provides a coverage that focusses on the big names, the large stacks, and the key situations and set-ups of a tournament. There is, of course, a limit to what can be covered in terms of individuals, but this is where the other forms of media are fantastic. If you want to find out how Team Online's Mickey 'mementmori' Petersen is doing you can check the chip counts section and his Twitter account.

His last few tweets tell a story which would be hard for our live updaters to catch given a field of 502 players started today (and any focus on one player takes eyes off another).

Mickey Petersen,‏ @mickeydp
Doubled on absurd hand vs A8s guy. Got 10k at 150/300/25 and utg +1 with 99. A8 guy right after me makes it 650 before it's on me, I limp

Mickey Petersen, @mickeydp
He is forced to raise, two other people call (!!!), I shove and A8 guy calls with fours!!!!!! 22k now #EPTBerlin #absurdity

Mickey Petersen,‏ @mickeydp
Ran it back up to 35k then busted vs W Thorson in 20k pf pot multiway with QQ on 466 vs 56 (had 17k behind), couldnt pull fold trigger :(

Following on shortly after that bust out another torrent of tweets were fired out into cyberspace by Kevin MacPhee, one of our reigning champions.

ept berlin_day 1b_kevin macphee.jpg

EPT Berlin champ Kevin MacPhee

Kevin MacPhee, @KevinMacPhee
5bet folded QQ pre and was shown KK. Shoulda maybe just folded to the 4bet tho... or at least taken more time to think.

Kevin MacPhee, @KevinMacPhee
76k after flopping a set of 4s and getting 3 streets. Table seems fun. Playing 10 levels today. #EPTBerlin

Kevin MacPhee, @KevinMacPhee
82k. 22 > 66 aipf vs a shorty. Flop A64 and I win lol... running 5-3. #rungood #EPTBerlin

We're getting hold of a full list of all the Twitter accounts of Team PokerStars Pro and will post them up but in the meantime here are a few that started today to get you on your way.

Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier - @elkypoker
Boris Becker - @Becker_Boris
Andre Akkari - @aakkari
Lex Veldhuis - @RaSZi
Pius Heinz - @MastaP89
Matthias De Meulder - @mattionfire
Eugene Katchalov - @EugeneKatchalov
George Danzer - @trickyscarfy
Mickey Petersen ‏- @mickeydp

And, of course:

@PokerStarsBlog which will keep you updated for seat draws, features and end of day wraps.

ept berlin_day 1b_pius heinz.jpg

Pius Heinz, @MastaP89

ept berlin_day 1b_george danzer.jpg

George Danzer, aka @trickyscarfy

Tournament snapshot
Level 9: blinds 400-800, ante 75
Players: 315 of 502
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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in Berlin