EPT8 Berlin: When will it end? Well, we can tell you that...

ept-thumb-promo.jpgToday is the stage of the tournament which separates the men from the boys, those that are happy simply to have cashed and those that have genuine intentions of taking a place at the final table.

Today we started on level 17 with 102 players but 78 of those will be sent to the rail before the end of the day, anywhere between €17,500 and €7,500 in their back pocket. For some it will be a major achievement, for others a gross disappointment but the tournament structure does not care. It simply continues to crank on, minute by minute, level by level.

Having looked at a number of this season's EPT main events we can work out that the mean average stack size held by the field going into the final 24 is 49.8 big blinds - we'll call it 50 for ease.

Average stack when we reached 24
44 big blinds in Campione
46 big blinds in Copenhagen
46 big blinds in Deauville
49 big blinds in Madrid
50 big blinds in Barcelona
54 big blinds in London
60 big blinds in Prague

ept berlin_day 3_chips.jpg

Roll your dice all you like, chips and structure dictate the play

A quick bit of arithmetic should show when play is 'due' to finish today:

number of entrants (745) * starting stack (30,000) / 24 players / average big blinds with 24 players left (50) = the big blind level we'll finish play today on (18,625)

That 18,625 big blind falls directly between level 22 (8,000-16,000) and level 23 (10,000-20,000). If you've followed all of that, well done. If not, don't worry, just click back on Facebook and post another status update about your dog.

To surmise, we should finish on level 22 or 23 today. Buckle up, we could be here some time. Action has started today on level 17 and we're likely to breach six or seven 75-minute levels.

Tournament snapshot
Level 17: blinds 2,500-5,000, ante 500
Players: 91 of 745
Average stack: 245,500
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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in Berlin