EPT8 Berlin: Wigg stays focused as he looks to add to his advantage


Anton Wigg came into the day as chip leader and, while dropping back slightly today, is still among the leaders.

Wigg came to life last night when he seized the chip lead just before the close of play, which he detailed at the first break.

"Things had been pretty crazy all day at the table and I'd just been sitting back for three almost four levels, not doing much, which meant I'd been watching a lot," said Wigg. "Then I finally got a stack; ace-king suited against queens, won kings against queens, then I had a bunch of chips I could play around with. I knew people's tendencies and had a pretty good idea of how people were playing and who was playing against who. I tried to take advantage as much as possible."

Anton Wigg

As far as the chip lead goes, it can be a mixed bag for players. But its effectively is largely down to the player putting it to use. While weaker players sit on it, like a nest egg, and hope it grows, the better players look to increase their advantage. It also has other benefits.

"It's obviously nice confidence wise, to come in as chip leader," he said. "It's nice to see your name up there. I feel like I have an okay table. Martin Jacobsen got unlucky with ace-queen against ace-jack; I love Martin, he's a good friend of mine but when he's on my left I'm not too upset to see that."

It's also not lost of Wigg that, as the number of players continues to drop he remains one of three former winners still in the field, along with Vladimir Geshkenbein and Kevin MacPhee.

"It's obviously in the back of my head," he said. "You guys hype it up pretty good! It's kind of a big deal but it's not something that I'm going to really think about until I get to the final table, or down to the last five or something. But it's always there and it's always nice to have that extra motivation."

We won't mention it again. Unless Wigg makes the final table that is.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in Berlin