EPT8 Campione: Busquet feeling the pressure

ept-thumb-promo.jpgOlivier 'adonis112' Busquet has looked unflappable for the last week but is he starting to wobble under this late pressure? He twice made raises the last level that he's expressed dismay over after the hand had finished. Both were three-bets, both hands finished with him passing chips across the table.

Busquet is an incredibly experienced player with $2,549,280 in live tournament winnings as well as plenty of high stakes cash game takings. That background has shone through; the casual comments, the laidback pose at the table, the conviction in calls, raises and folds. Now down to the final four players the stress is finally starting to show, cracks appearing despite the pressed shirt and expensive waistcoat.

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Class act

The players are currently on a break and will be returning to play level 29 for blinds of 40,000-80,000 leaving Busquet with 16 big blinds and a lot of ground to catch up. A single double up will still leave Busquet as the smallest player on the table (unless he does so through Botond and they'd be close anyway).

The final four
1. Olivier Busquet, 1,300,000
2. Jannick Wrang, 7,965,000
3. Fabrice Soulier, 4,405,000
4. Balazs Botond, 3,420,000

The payouts
1st €640,000
2nd €430,000
3rd €240,000
4th €157,000

ept campione_day 4_olivier busquet.jpg

Busquet getting interviewed by the PokerStars Blog video team

Busquet is obviously the most likely player to go to the rail in fourth but he's unlikely to make it easy for the other three players. And as if to illustrate that Soulier opens the button, Busquet jams all-in from the big blind and gets called.

Busquet: A♦5♦
Soulier: A♣K♥

Standard spot and tough for Busquet until the board ran out 2♠J♦5♥7♠Q♦. That pumps Busquet up over 2,000,000.

Tournament snapshot
Level 29: blinds 40,000-80,000, ante 10,000
Players: 4 of 570
Average stack: 4,275,000
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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in Campione