EPT8 Campione: De Visscher chasing second final table


He's held the chip lead today, now, after a hand just before the dinner break, has slipped to third. But Koen de Visscher remains one of the major contenders.

"In the beginning of the day I was pretty short and I kept being short on the bubble and then I started a run," said De Visscher. "I won ace-jack versus king-queen, queens against nines. I busted somebody with aces against kings. I made a straight in a three bet pot. Now the last hand before the break I lost a big pot with aces versus jacks but I'm still doing okay."

De Visscher's biggest cash remains third place in Snowfest last season, where he was one of seven players to take on the unstoppable Vladimir Geshkenbein, and lose.

It was an unusual final table, dominated by Geshkenbein who pursued all of his opponents on the table, and some of them off it, notably via Twitter. De Visscher kept out of it and, to his credit, outperformed most. Had it not been for Geshkenbein's' unstoppable gravitational pull, it could have walked away with more.

Koen de Visscher

The Belgian, part of a travelling group playing the EPT, showed flashes of talent when he bubbled his first ever EPT event in Barcelona in Season 7, his queens rumbled by a pair of aces.

His reaction was fairly unusual. He did nothing and took his misfortune as standard. It's a character trait displayed time and again in De Visscher, who not only brushed off Geshkenbein at Snowfest, but also the antics of locals on the day before, outdrawn in two big pots to great cheer and mirth of those watching. De Visscher brushed that off as well.

Will he jump up and down, shattering that image for good if he wins in Campione? We might just find out on Saturday.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in Campione