EPT8 Campione: De Visscher's dreams coming to life

ept-thumb-promo.jpgThe decision was made last night that we would not stop at six levels and that we'd continue to play down to a final 24. Losing those two players, 26 down to 24, took an hour more leaving field and watching media tired and daydreaming of bed (does it count as daydreaming if it's 2am?).

It had been supposed by the Tweedle brothers in Through the Looking-Glass that everything was part of the slumbering Red King's dream and that Alice herself was nothing more than a figment of the monarch's imagination. Life itself but a dream. At times in that final hour it felt the same here in Campione, every short stack all-in doubled through and the day simply refused to end. Perhaps we were all just a fabrication of EPT tournament host Neil Johnson's fancy, a glucose-induced hallucination.

Today we are back in the realm of reality. After Alice's adventures in Wonderland the flaxen haired beauty has had to grow up realising that dreams don't pay the bills, that the Mad Hatter won't cover her coverage payments and has taken a job dealing on the European Poker Tour. Alice is not the only one to face up to reality; Adrian Veghinas, Stefano Demontis, Andrea Benelli, Stefano Demontis, Ronnie Kaiser, Carlos Mora and Jose Manuel Nadal have all been sent to the rail to collect €15,000.

ept campione_day 4_dealer.jpg

Alice dreaming of the old days

But some dreams live on. Koen De Visscher is into the chip lead with 2,100,000 having flopped a set of sevens on a 9♥7♣2♣ board and managed to get it all-in against Giuseppe Biancoviso's A♣J♣ flush draw. De Visscher had check-raised an 80,000 c-bet up to 210,000 and had called when Biancoviso had moved in for 730,000. That left Biancoviso short, although he tripled moments after, before De Visscher eliminated the lumbering Panagiotis Gavriulidis with A♠T♥ holding against the Greek shove of 6♠7♠. We've seen plenty of De Visscher over the last couple of seasons, so much so it's a little surprsing to see his live winnings are just $313,837. That number is likely to swell by the end of play tomorrow. The Belgian does not seem to be the spewy type.

ept campione_day 4_koen de visscher.jpg

Koen De Visscher chipping up yesterday

While the main plays down to a final 16 players, the €10,000 High Roller takes flight: two tables with a mix of well-known pros and wealthy enthusiasts. These High Roller tournaments always make for a hell of a seat draw. Roberto Romanello, ElkY, Eugene Katchalov and Steve O'Dwyer sit in a line on one table, Michael Tureniec, Luca Pagano, Brynn Kenney in a row on the next. These names are among poker's largest. One of the last 16 in the main event will join them soon.

Tournament snapshot
Level 23: blinds 10,000-20,000, ante 3,000
Players: 16 of 570
Average stack: 1,069,00
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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in Campione