EPT8 Campione: Jannick Wrang hops into the chip lead

ept-thumb-promo.jpgPoker is a game of incomplete information. If I was to tell you that Jannick Wrang had finished 9th on the MicroMillions leader board (he did) then you might think of him as a low stakes grinder with unrealised potential. Wrang, who qualified for this tournament on PokerStars, is currently chip leader with more than 1,300,000 and 40 players left and a large chunk of tournament equity. On the face of things it would look like that prospect was coming good. Then I spoke to him.

"I played the MicroMillions to punish myself because I lost a $100,000 roll and a $50,000 roll in two days. I've got a few friends who wanted to play them and after one or two days I had got a lot of points so decided to play them all. I wanted to win the MicroMillions, SCOOP and WCOOP leaderboards. I was second in the SCOOP last time and I'm going for first this time," explained Wrang.

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Jannick Wrang: the third Danish champ of the season?

Right then, so this is not the story of a micro-grinder on a miracle spin-up. His hand had been revealed. Wrang's live winnings tot up to $387,886, his online tournaments winnings (not profit) tip the scales at $1,000,000 and his regular game is $25-$50 PLO, which he plays under the name of EDWARDHOPPER (he uses the American painter's most famous painting, Nighthawks, as his avatar). In case you didn't know, that's a pretty lively game and the method of that blown $150,000.

So that turbo down swing, was it from playing bad or running bad?

Before Wrang could answer lanky Russian Andrey Gulyy cut in: "It's $25-$50 PLO," said Gulyy, as if that statement was enough to explain the swings, which I suppose it does.

"It was a combination of very good players and playing bad, running bad," said Wrang who was quick to add, "It wasn't my whole roll and I won it in a week anyway."

Somehow he managed to say that without it making him sound like a braggart.

If you've been following the live updates you may recognise Wrang's name from the bubble, which was the pot that kicked off his charge to the top. Wrang was the axe-man who flopped trips with 7♥5♥ on a 7♦7♣3♣ board and managed to get his four-bet shove called by 8♣9♣, sending Benas Molis to the rail gifting €7,500 min-cashes to a swathe of short stacks.

"It was not very good stack protection," said Wrang diplomatically.

"He wanted to be the bubble," chipped in Gulyy.

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Andrey Gulyy

As if egged on by his Russian neighbour, Wrang said: "It's a bad gamble. I could find a better spot to gamble with so many chips. It's not good."

This is fast turning into the Year of the Dane with Mickey Petersen and Frederik Jensen winning the last two EPT main events. Can Wrang make it a hat-trick? If he does, you can expect to see EDWARDHOPPER on the big Omaha tables shortly after.

Tournament snapshot
Level 19: blinds 4,000-8,000, ante 1,000
Players: 40 of 570
Average stack: 427,500
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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in Campione