EPT8 Campione: Players back on dry land to play down to 24


The EPT party got underway in typical fashion last night, albeit on a boat. Revellers walked up the gangplank to the sound of dance music, echoing off the mountains, and wobbled off the gangplank having had a boating tour of the lake and a few cocktails, albeit after a lengthy spell waiting at the "no beer or wine" bar.

Using the "flat back two with one up front" formation, the bar staff kept to the naval traditions of "don't ask don't tell"; turning their backs to the throng of drinkers pleading for a glass of something in an effort to devise a plan for tackling the revellers.

A fancy record player

Eventually they relented; the two men in the galley uncapping bottles of spirits and pouring them into plastic cups in no particular order. When the bottles were empty new cocktails were conjured from whatever was left. Then, down to just whisky, they served what was left neat until the plastic cups ran out. By then the yardarm was just a distant memory.

Campione certainly impresses at night, although that would imply it got better the further away the boat sailed from it. Circling Lake Lugano was a pleasing experience in everyone's book, even with thumping music and a terrible thirst; the lake front at Lugano town alive with lights stretching back up into the hills. For locations, there has been nothing better for an EPT party.

The view of Lake Lugano

Now though it's back to the poker. At the close last night 99 players still had chips, from which 88 will finish in the money when the bubble bursts, which we expect to happen in the first level this afternoon. They'll be €7,500 better off. The others, they'll be asked to leave quietly, without making the others feel bad.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in Campione