EPT8 Campione: The bubble bursts. Oh no, it doesn't. oh yes, it does!

ept-thumb-promo.jpg"We need to double check our numbers. All media to the side, please," announced tournament director Teresa Nousiainen.

Joining the notepads (well, the ones that listened to Nousiainen's announcement) was Benas Molis. The Lithuanian stood by on the inside of the rail talking to friends (on the outside of the rail) while waiting to find out if he had bubbled in 89th, as was expected, or if he had just managed to sneak into 88th place for a €7,500 min-cash.

Molis had led into a 7♦7♣3♣ flop and was had been raised by Jannick Wrang to 42,500. Molis had come back over the top for 99,000 and Wrang had moved all-in over. Molis was left to slowly, hesitantly make the call for his remaining 130,000.

Molis: 8♣9♣ for a flush draw
Wrang: 7♥5♥ for flopped trips

The turn and river blanked out gifting all those stalling short stacks a miraculous pay day: Molis had started the level with 340,000.

"Listen, main event. That was our bubble," confirmed Nousiainen.

ept campione_day 3_teresa td.jpg

Tournament director Teresa Nousiainen

So to you, Salvatore Donato, and to you, Salvatore Pengue: congratulations, your stalling tactics worked. Donato had been particularly guilty of running down the clock, much to the irritation of Roberto Romanello.

"I don't want you to bubble, I just want to speed up the game," Romanello had said, looking more than a little peeved by having two players slowing the game down at his table.

That problem should have gone now as the game enters a new shove-happy phase, as highlighted by Rupert Elder's tweet: "ITM with 10bbs 41k. time to @mickeydp this tournament up!"

Mickey Petersen won Copenhagen last month having made the money with just a handful of blinds.

Tournament snapshot
Level 16: blinds 2,000-4,000, ante 500
Players: 88 of 570
Average stack: 194,500
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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in Campione