EPT8 Campione: Things hotting up, and other Day 2 cliches...


During the walk to work this morning, time was spent discussing whether it is always this warm in the last days of March in the foothills of the Alps. After a couple of days wondering there was no question this morning that Campione is getting hotter.

You'd expect the temperature around a big lake, next to mountains that have snow on top, would be cool, perfect for walking the half mile downhill route to the casino. But no. It's now officially the type of weather to be outdoors in. Unless you have ginger hair, are unfit and have forgotten your pass and are making the journey for a second time; sun hat, skin and six months of osteopathic work all wilting in the heat.

Campione in the sunshine

Poker is a game suited to hot weather, mainly because it's played indoors. The World Series is embedded into the air conditioning of the Las Vegas summer, and while the EPT sometimes conjures up images of Ice Station Copenhagen, and frostbite in Prague this season started in the balmy heat of Tallinn, before heading to the beach in Barcelona and to the Indian summer streets of EPT London.

Then there's the PCA in between, and before you know it you're by a lake in Italy, wondering if your shoes are going to catch fire.

So yes, poker is perfect for the indoors, in temperature controlled environments and cheap drinks. That brings us neatly to Day 2 of the EPT Main Event in Campione.

A total of 325 players are back today, the remainder of two opening flights that hoisted Davide Andreoni into the chip lead. Rumour has it we'll be playing seven levels today, a ridiculously long period of play no doubt brought on by sunstroke. That will be confirmed, or denied, shortly; important news for those eyeing the EPT party, held tonight on a boat.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in Campione