EPT8 Campione: Three to follow


Casino di Campione may be hosting its first European Poker Tour event, but for the Italian Poker Tour, this place is one of several regular stops that have made the IPT one of the most successful, and richest, of the regional tours.

Not for the IPT modest €500 buy-ins, no, no. The IPT manages fields of several hundred with buy-ins of around €2,000. It means it's winner invariably walk out of places like Sanremo, Nova Gorica and Campione, with hundreds of thousands in their pockets, including two stars of the tour playing the EPT main event today.

One of those players is Alessanro Minasi, currently second on the IPT Tournament Leader Board.

So far this season Minasi has put together eight cashes, including five final tables in Main and side events, and a win in Sanremo woth €172,000. Yet to cash on the EPT, Minasi must count himself among the leading Italians coming into the event.

Also playing today is Sergio Castellucio.

Castellucio has been a regular on the EPT for some time, his mane of curly black hair and stubble easy to pick out. He took has been setting the IPT alight this year, winning in Sanremo (it seems everyone wins in Sanremo at some point), cashing six times in total and reaching two finals. He sits on the shoulders of his compatriots playing today, among the leading Italians.

Sergio Castellucio

Then there's Luca Pagano. He may not be an EPT winner but he is an IPT winner. His exploits can be read in full on the PokerStars Blog (pretty much every other post), his most recent spot of action coming in Deauville.

Typically, players we write about are soon dispatched to the rail. But when it comes time to bag up chips tonight it might be worth casting your eye down the list for the names Minasi and Catellucio.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in Campione