EPT9 London Day 2: Exploring London with the PokerStars Blog

As you may have seen this week, we on the PokerStars Blog are attempting to broaden the horizons of poker players who may be visiting London for the first time. We also hope to appeal to those who, having been here several times before, are considering the world outside the casino door. Admittedly it's the coldest it has been in London today since those days when the River Thames froze over without the use of CGI. But to those who dare venture out there is a wealth of culture and heritage to explore, some well-known, some not quite as well known.

On Day 1A we looked at what's on our doorstep, a mere half a mile away from Edgware Road. Yesterday we expanded that to a two-mile radius and today, suspicious that nobody is reading this anyway, we bring you the London that awaits five miles from The Vic's front door.

What area does that cover exactly?

To the north it takes you as far away as Hampstead Heath, a kind of Richard Curtis version of London, with lattes, dog walkers and Emma Thompson, that is one of the highest points in London. Funnily enough the house prices are also very high, so high in fact that they've been known to go back round to zero again.

Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath (credit: Chesdovi/Creative Commons)

To the west lies Notting Hill, a kind of Richard Curtis version of London with sunshine, cheeky market traders and Hugh Grant. To the South, crossing the river Thames, you can travel as far away as Wandsworth, a kind of Richard Curtis version of London with the lattes and dogs in the good bits, which are replaced by traffic, a prison and nimbostratus cloud in the others.

Finally to the east, visitors will find the famous East End of London featuring traditional English suburbs filled with stereotypical folk who, when cast in the British war films of the 1950s, tended to sacrifice their lives for their officer class.

It's also home to the Olympic village, with the Olympic stadium in the middle of it, currently awaiting transfer to the hands "preferred candidate" West Ham United FC, or to teams of weeding experts from Newham council.

London's Olympic Stadium (credit: David Holt/Creative Commons)

Somewhere between those compass points, the curious poker player will find something to satisfy even the most obscene obscure interests. All that's required is the will to put on every piece of clothing you own and venture outside the casino.

We love it. You will too. Let us know how you get on.

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter

Stephen Bartley
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