EPT9 Grand Final High Roller: Not even at the bubble

Who would be a High Roller?

If it wasn't bad enough that eight of your peers have already made it to an EPT main event final table -- and let's be clear, all of Steve O'Dwyer, Andrew Pantling, Jake Cody, Daniel Negreanu, Johnny Lodden, Noah Schwartz, Jason Mercier and Grant Levy would probably have played the High Roller had they not been still involved over there -- you also have to wait for another eight players are eliminated before you're even in the money. It's enough to send you off for a dinner break.

That's the state of affairs in a rapidly emptying Salle des Etoiles in Monaco tonight, where 24 players remain in the €25,000 High Roller, but the television stage is bare. The ladies' event has started, as has the latest turbo bounty. But the high roller event is still 24 players strong, taking a 75-minute dinner break.

The best way to follow what happens to them is via the panel at the top of the High Roller page. Eight will still need to bust before they're all talking min-cash, which when you play at these stakes means €61,900. The minimum for a min-cash at any EPT event is twice the buy in, and it tends to slide upwards when the buy in itself raises. So it's nearly three times your money in this one, provided you didn't rebuy.

The former EPT Vilamoura champion Toby Lewis is leading at this stage, with approximately 700,000 chips. He was one of the first players to take his seat this morning, saying: "I'm looking to have a good day." So far, so accurate.


Toby Lewis: leading the high rollers

Kyle Cheong is right up there too, as is Tony Gregg. The latter is one of three players who has been picking on a short-stacked Philipp Gruissem. The German high roller specialist is trying to get things going out on his table, but has found himself three and four bet with increasing regularity. Victor Sbrissa, the new LAPT champion, is one of the players continuing to make life hell for Gruissem.

Igor Kurganov, the overnight leader, is still in the top ten, but Lewis is now the dominant force on their table. Vanessa Selbst is also there, attempting to spin up a relatively short stack (but certainly not so short that she's out of it).

vanessa_selbst_ept9_grand_final_high_roller_day2.jpgVanessa Selbst

High Roller events tend to be elastic, with the length of day two depending on the desires of the players. The loose idea is to play to a final table of eight tonight, but it's not by any means set in stone. Stick with those updates. They'll be there to the end.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in High Roller