EPT9 Grand Final High Roller: The Vanessa Selbst language problem

Is Vanessa Selbst going to win the High Roller event, because if she is, I'm going to need help finding some way to describe it.

Selbst has won a big title every year since 2008, and having reported on several of them I've used up all my "describing" words. I looked through them from over the years, tossing aside the well worn "brilliant", "epic", "magnificent, and even "indescribable". All that's left is "above suspicion", "blameless", "guiltless" and "could do better," which I usually save for my other job ghostwriting school reports.

The "blameless" Vanessa Selbst in action yesterday

But while there's a big rail for the high roller event, about two dozen people in all, only Galen Hall and Toby Lewis's girlfriend are actually watching. The rest look up in one direction towards the screens showing the EPT Live coverage from next door in the Salle des Etoiles.

It's not exactly what you might expect, and it looks strange frankly, like getting your pet dog to look at the ball you just threw, rather than your finger pointing at it. But it's hard to deny that it isn't a difficult choice, broadcast in high definition in front of you, which makes the ordinary world seem dark and fuzzy in comparison
If they were to look down, (over here, over here!) they would see Vanessa Selbst currently "cruising" to use her own word, holding the chip lead with six players left. Play started at 12, with 12, and was down to a final table in no time (Davidi Kitai, Alex Bilokur, Sorel Mizzi and Kyle Cheong all gone).

Then Victor Sbrissa found himself out in eighth, followed by last year's winner Igor Kurganov, one fo the world's best Igors, who this year settles for seventh. It was hard to see a single flinch from Selbst as they all departed.

But then none of this is at all new to Selbst. Time to fire up Thesaurus.com and polish off some old reports. All this is starting to look very familiar.

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