EPT Sanremo: Leo Margets leads Event #15, Day 1B starts at 7pm

ept-thumb-promo.jpgLeo Margets last night bagged up 124,300 to take the Day 1A lead in Event #15: €2,200 No-Limit Hold 'em as the only player to break into six figures. Melanie Weisner is the closest to her with 94,800 while players such as JC Alvarado (77,000), Ilan Boujenah (77,400) and Dmirty Vitkind (76,000) all chase in hot pursuit.

Day 1A picked up 185 entries, 82 of whom made it through to Day 2. If you're interested in joining them you can take a shot by getting your seat this afternoon. The tournament begins at 7pm and it's looking like it's going to be busy. Get your seat now and avoid being an alternate. Day 2 starts tomorrow, 9 October at 3pm (and don't forget about the €10,300 High Roller, which starts at 5pm tomorrow).


Leo Margets

Chip leader Margets has cashed four times in EPT main events and beat Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren in a side event in Monaco, but is probably best known for her 27th place finish at the WSOP main event for $352,832 three years ago. PokerStars Blog took a closer look at Margets a little while back, take a gander if you would so like.

End of Day 1A chips
Leo Margets, Spain, 124,300
Melanie Weisner, USA, 94,800
Jiri Kulhanek , Czech Republic, 92,900
Gavin Cochrane, Uk, 89,600
Thibaud Guenegou, France, 88,700
Dan Abouaf, France, 86,900
Andras Nemeth, Hungary, 86,400
Jacek Ladny, Poland, 80,800
Michel Abecassis, France, 79,000
Denys Drobyna, Ukraine, 78,400
JC Alvarado, Mexico, 77,700
Ilan Boujenah, Israel, 77,400
Dmitry Vitkind, Russia, 76,000
Alain Roy, France, 75,600
Oleksii Kovalchuk, Ukraine, 74,800
Benjamin Hamnett, USA, 73,400
Mikhail Lakhitov, Russia, 70,800
Aku Joentausta, Finland, 70,600
Mats Eriksson, Sweden, 69,000
Fredrik Nilsson, Sweden, 69,000
Giuseppe Liotta, Italy, 65,800
Oliver Speidel, Australia, 61,900
Tomasz Cybulski, Poland, 58,900
Dan Smith, USA, 57,600
Alexander Ivanov, Russia, 57,600
Bernd Gleissner, Germany, 55,500
Jonathan Little, USA, 54,900
Maxim Panyak, Russia, 51,600
Konstantin Puchkov, Russia, 51,400
Michael Eiler, Germany, 51000
Hui-Chen Kuo, China, 50,300
Mikhail Korotkikh, Russia, 50000
Iakov Onuchin, Russia, 48,300
Phillip Huxley, Uk, 47,700
Manolo De Vecchis, Italy, 46,600
Paul Nunes, Uk, 46,400
Aubin Cazals, USA, 44,600
Jonn Forst, Germany, 42,600
Johnny Lodden, Team Pokerstars Pro, Norway, 38,000
Tobias Garp, Sweden, 37,900
Gilbert Diaz, France, 37,900
Gordon Huntly, Uk, 37,400
Joseph Kuether, USA, 37,100
Aristides De Castro Da Silva Couto, Portugal, 34,900
Richard Toth, Team Pokerstars Pro, Hungary, 34700
Andrea Dato, Italy, 33,500
Joni Jouhkimainen, Finland, 32,600
Tim Adams, USA, 31,700
Park Yu Cheung, China, 31,400
Anton Wigg, Sweden, 29,800
Ondrej Vinklarek, Czech Republic, 27,300
Aaron Lim, Australia, 26,900
Mahir Algassim, Saudi Arabia, 26,700
Yury Kerzhapkin, Russia, 26,700
Andrew Dean, Canada, 25,400
Javier Gomez Zapatero, Spain, 24,700
Elena Banas, Russia, 24,400
Marco Leonzizo, Italy, 24,400
Gianni Mocchi, Italy, 23,600
Maxim Lykov, Team PokerStars Pro, Russia, 22,800
Morten Christensen, Denmark, 22,800
Eugene Katchalov, Team Pokerstars Pro, USA, 21,400
Zimnan Ziyard, Uk, 20,900
Fabrizio Leonardi, Italy, 20,500
Samir Moukawem, Lebanon, 20,400
Jean-Philippe Goulet-Ratelle, Canada, 19,900
Pavel Cheremisin, Russia, 19,700
Anaras Alekberovas, Lithuania, 19,600
Jonas Lauck, Germany, 19,500
Yuri Gulyy, Russia, 19,100
Rumen Nanev, Bulgaria, 18,700
Carlos Mora Alvarez, Mexico, 18,300
Tiziano Di Romualdo, Italy, 18000
Nghi Tran, Canada, 16,700
Wilfried Harig, Germany, 16,600
Jiachen Gong, Canada, 16,106
Frank Silverstein, USA, 16,100
Jody Bertozzi, Canada, 15,700
Roman Romanovsky, Ukraine, 15000
David Boyaciyan, Netherlands, 14,800
Galyna Tymchenko, Ukraine, 14,100
Matthew Keikoan, USA, 9,600

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