EPT9 Sanremo: Dutchman Vincent Van Der Fluit wins Event #17: €990 turbo

ept-thumb-promo.jpgDutchman Vincent van der Fluit last night won the €990 turbo beating wisecracking Canadian businessman Jody Bertozzi to the trophy and €42,500 first place prize. Both Van der Fluit, a WSOP bracelet winner from this summer who turns 25 later this month, and Bertozzi benefited from eighth place finisher Igor Pihela who had started the final table second in chips.

Turbos are fun. Even the one's with lots of money on the line. In fact, especially the ones with a lot of money on the line. Unless you dump your chips off after looking like you're in line for a big pay off, which is excatly what happened to Pihela. The Estonian started with the second largest stack yet was the second of four bust outs in the first 17 minutes of the final table.


Vincent 'vingtcent' van der Fluit

Tournament info
Buy-in: €990
Game: NLHE turbo
Players: 165
Prize pool: €144,045

1. Vincent van der Fluit, Netherlands, €42,500
2. Jody Bertozzi, Canada, €24,000
3. Paul Testud, France, €14,000
4. Xia Lin, Italy, €10,600
5. Leo Margets, Spain, €8,700
6. Giuseppe Pastura, Italy, €6,800
7. Mikhail Korotkikh, Russia, €5,300
8. Igor Pihela, Estonia, €3,905
9. Carlo Savinelli, Italy, €3,030
10. Jeffrey Hakim, Lebanon, €3,030
11. Francesco Moro, Italy, €2,740
12. Izak-Ron Young, Israel, €2,740
13. Phillip McAllister, UK, €2,450
14. Mario Puccini, Germany, €2,450
15. Linda Santaguida, Italy, €2,160
16. Roger Hairabedian, France, €2,160
17. Samir Moukawem, Lebanon, €1,870
18. Bryan Paris, Canada, €1,870
19. Atanas Gueorguiev, Bulgaria, €1,870
20. Jacob Amsellem, Israel, €1,870

Blinds of 10,000-20,000 (ante 3,000) were posted at 8.20pm sharp, fresh from a break for the first hand of the final table. By 8.37pm just six players remained with Bertozzi's starting stack of 222,000 now up to 700,000, largely thanks to the bust outs of Carlo Savinelli (9th) and Mikhail Korotkikh (7th). The latter, a tough looking Russian, looked more than unhappy to be sent to the rail after pushing his paired A♦4♦ into Bertozzi's pocket aces on a 4♥9♦9♠ flop. Only a member of the floor staff had looked less happy when Korotkikh had all but crushed his foot with a hastily placed chair leg.

ept_sanremo_event 17_mikhail.jpg

Mikhail Korotkikh

Giuseppe Pastura went out next after being thrilled to find a customer when open shoving A♦K♥. Although he took it well, he can't have be overjoyed to be shown A♥A♣ by Leo Margets, which flopped a set.

"I could have showed you and you would have cried, but I don't want to piss you off. You could kill me." - Bertozzi after bluffing Van der Fluit.

Things slowed down a litte after that with some short-stacked cat and mouse play between Vincent van der Fluit (solid, Dutch), Jody Bertozzi (active, loud), Paul Testud (tight, grizzled), Xia Lin (active, bouncy) and Leo Margets (solid, opinionated).

Margets was the next to go happy to know that she was well chipped for today's €2,200 side event. Lin followed shortly after leaving Van der Fluit well out in front.

Seat one: Paul Testud, 600,000
Seat two: Vincent van der Fluit, 1,800,000
Seat three: Jody Betozzi, 850,000

"I do whatever you want. I want you to be happy." - Bertozzi to Testud who was becoming increasingly annoyed by Bertozzi's aggression, chatter and chip riffles.

ept_sanremo_paul testud.jpg

Paul Testud

Testud tried to make a move but Bertozzi refused to yield leaving the Frenchman short. His ensuing shove was called by both Van der Fluit and Bertozzi, both of whom hit top pair with their raggy aces.

Van der Fluit won that three-way poy sending Testud to the rail and stacking up for a 2,500,000 to 800,000 chip lead. Businessman Bertozzi was not prepared to lay down and go quietly.

"There's little tricks in this old man. I'm old and stubborn." - Bertozzi to Van der Fluit.

"I'm young and stubborn." - Van der Fluit to Bertozzi.

The blinds had gone up to 25,000-50,000 when a curious Van der Fluit called down Bertozzi's river bet on a 4♦9♥4♥4♣7♦ board and was shown a seven. That levelled the stacks, but Bertozzi, perhaps playing mind games, kept telling Van der Fluit that he didn't expect to win but that he wouldn't roll over easily.

"I'm just a tourist. He has a much bigger stack, my friend." - Bertozzi to the floorman who pointed out that they were equally stacked.

Van der Fluit eventually got his man successfully flipping with T♥8♠ against K♠5♥ and was congratulated heartily by Bertozzi. We managed to speak with him during the winner's photoshoot before he raced off to jump in the €2,200 side event.


Jody Bertozzi: never knowingly left a gap in conversation

The Dutchman, who was wearing the same lucky t-shirt he'd worn when winning his WSOP bracelet, had nothing but good words to say about Bertozzi.

"I actually met him yesterday so it was kind of a coincidence that we made the final table together. I don't think that he gave himself enough credit because he played pretty damn hard. Most people like that (recreational players) will play tight and I can keep pounding on them and slowly pick them apart, but this guy was the opposite. You just have to get it in because you're not going to get a better spot. It was a lot harder to beat him than most people, for sure," said Van der Fluit.

"My wife's very tolerant." - Bertozzi to the table, about his lively table talk.

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