EPT9 Sanremo: Revenge of the high rolling reloaders


Steve O'Dwyer was back. In his hand was a scrap of paper and he wished to be seated immediately. It was partly owing to impatience, partly so he could put the events of the last few minutes behind him. He'd just been eliminated from the high roller event and wanted back in.

It was an odd scene. The receipt he held in his hand was worth €10,000 but it could have been a drinks receipt dug out from a jeans pocket along with a few coins, a room key and some fluff.

The High Roller event started nearly three hours ago but registration remains open until after the dinner break. It means an event that started with just 28 players has grown significantly over the past few hours, with 68 players now seated. It's also a reload event. Bust and you can buy back in once again and so far six have done so. Actually seven. Cue O'Dwyer.

"I want my old seat," he said to Luca Vivaldi, in charge of proceedings. "Give me a change to get revenge."

O'Dywer handed over his receipt and fluff and in exchange was asked to pick a card to determine to which table he would return, excluding the one he'd just departed. He picked one.

Steve O'Dwyer prior to reloading

"No! It's the worst one." O'Dwyer walked over to his new table, which featured Bryn Kenney, Eugene Katchalov and Philipp Gruissem.

He wasn't the only one coming back for more. Jason Mercier looked like he was out, walked through the door marked "Exit" like a player who was out, but was in fact not exactly out. After pausing to let someone take his picture, he was back with his ticket, re-joining the game on the table featuring Ilan Boujenah and Tobias Reinkemeier. Then came Martin Finger, taking his seat with Martin Jacobson, Mike McDonald and Govert Metaal.

So that's nine reloads. So far.

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Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in High Roller