ESPT Madrid: Cesar Palacios leads field

estrellas-poker-tour-thumb.PN19ºGby Ivan Marti
Today, we had a strange day. Actually, I don´t know if I should talk about poker or soccer. I hope I can find a balance between both. The thing is, as I'm sure you can understand, is that we are supporting the Spanish team in the Word Cup. We have followed the match with the emotion it deserved... in spite of the major poker tourney we had ahead of us.

We are now the world champions! And this is really incredible. I just wanted to say thank you to all the members of the national team for having offered us such special moments.
I guess I shouldn't keep on talking about football - although I would like to - and that I should begin reporting about what happened on the felt. We began with 23 players - yes, we posted the wrong number yesterday - and now we only have eight left. In short? It was quick and inconsistent. We started almost at the end of level 16 and we finished five minutes after level 20 began. Strange.

César Palacios Rincón is chip leader at the moment, after eliminating Ka Kwanm La at the last hand of the day. He's sitting with 895,500 chips, slightly better than last night's leader, Adrian Veghinas, with 704,500.


Cesar Palacios