Estrellas Ibiza: Centurion Calahorra dominates in the sun

estrellas_poker_tour.pngWe were back for more of the same action today at Day 1B of the Estellas Poker Tour from the beautiful Balearic isle of Ibiza. The clock was wound all the way back to level one and 211 players descended on the casino in search of gold.

Carlos Calahorra had the best treasure-hunting skills and found most of the gold on offer today. He bagged up a massive 116,400 to leave himself second on the overall chip counts for both days. He is followed in the pirate ranks by Milbutas Vytautas (80,400) Jose urena Moreno (73,700) and Aleix Puitgio (73,100).


Calahorra en route to repetitive strain injury

Calahorra asked a Spanish colleague how much the chip leader had a couple of hours from the end of play and went after the lead like a matador going after a bull. He had 40,000 chips at the time, 40,000 behind the then leader Puitgio. He reached 80,000 and just like when Forrest Gump reached the Atlantic coast, he asked himself: "Why stop here?" The young Spaniard built and built all the way to the death. Ironically it was he who was wearing a red top today and tomorrow he will be the target all others are aiming for.


Puitgio led for a while but was hunted down

It was a mixed bag for the PokerStars family. Friend of PokerStars Poli Rincon turned up a level late and then tore his table apart for a while. His style of play caught up with him, though, and he busted with pocket sevens to an opponent's pocket jacks. Team Online's Javier "el cañonero" Domínguez was cruising for a while but was eliminated to a three-outer. Team PokerStars Pros Juan Manuel Pastor (23,000) and Matthias De Meulder (17,400) both made it through the day but have work to do tomorrow. Each of them relied on double-ups to stay alive but from there on it seemed Pastor wasn't very active and De Meulder a little too active at times.


Made it through to join his twin

Other players of interest who will be coming back tomorrow include Alex Ferguson (26,400), Santiago Terrazas (16,000), Raul Paez (28,000), Alvaro Santamaria (45,900), Jose Mara Jolis (58,800) and Neil Rawnsley (24,200). The latter of these said he was card dead all day and was very happy to double-up on the final hand of the night. He raised with pocket sixes and then shoved when the small blind three-bet him. His pocket sixes held against his opponent's ace-five.

The flip-side to those who survived are those who fell by the wayside. Leo Margets, Tomeu Gomila, Oscar Serradell, Maria Maceiras, Ricardo Berzal, Javier Martínez Gil, Jose Manuel Pérez and Jorge Ufano all tried their best but it wasn't their today.


Margets texting about her grind

The two starting days combine for Day 2 tomorrow. The remaining 201 players will return at 4pm local time when the provisional plan in to play five or six levels. This will give all the players, staff and media the chance to don their glad-rags and head to the official PokerStars party at the fabulous and famous Privilege night club

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PokerStars Blog reporting team at Estrellas Ibiza: Marc Convey. Photos by Rene Velli.

Marc Convey
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