Estrellas Ibiza: Day 1A, Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4(blinds 100-200)


8.35: Break it down
There went another two levels. We'll be back in 15 minutes and in a new post.

8.25pm: Instant Karma
Steve Enríquez was ruing his luck, momentarily, when a dealer mistake meant a pot was awarded to an opponent before a flop was seen.

He raised with pocket eights and one player called before both blinds folded. The dealer didn't see the flat call and pushed the pot towards Enriquez who, in turn, mucked. The floor was called and the pot was awarded to the only player left with live cards - his opponent.

The very next hand Enriquez raised once more and called when a shorter stacked player pushed with pocket tens. This time it was Enriquez that had the pocket aces! They held up and he took his opponent's stack. One never knows what is waiting around the corner in no-limit Texas Holdem.

8pm:Dreams over for Season 2
Many a player came here to Ibiza hoping to go out of season 2 with a splash. The nature of tournament poker means most will leave disappointed. Some of those disappointed right now include:

Eladio Martinez
Karoly Zoltan Varkonyi
Jose Maria Felices
Ignacio Guerra Carbajo
Aleksander Sankin
Jaroslaw Lipie
Ton de Lange
Marcelo Camus Ruano
Daniel Pastor
Raul Saez Tienza
Manuel Angel Chico Lopez
Sjef Leenaerts
Jesus Cortes
Fabio Sperling
Nicholas Farnborough
Paula Chicharro
Piet Brandt
Josu Muro Motrica
Uwe Spatlch
Miguel Chaparro
Kakwan Lau
Manuel Izquierdo Sanz
Tobias Berg
Mikel Allende Diaz
Konya Tamas
Manuel Sadornil Camarero
Antonio Gonzalez Contador

7.40pm: I'm on a Boat
This being Ibiza and this being the season ending event of Season 2, parties were going to be had. There was a welcome party last night and there will be a club night and award ceremony later in the week, but since the casino is situated next to a harbour, we had to get on a boat at some point.

EstrellasIbiza. boatparty-126.jpg

Earlier today The Estrellas Poker Tour, in conjunction with Supermartxé and Balearia, organized a fantastic Boat Party on the brand new boat designed by Custo Barcelona where players enjoyed the exclusive experience of a private afternoon party with the best entertainment that this wonderful island had to offer.



7.30pm: Jesus turns wine into water
Jesus Cortes came second in EPT7 Barcelona for €525,000 last year, but he will need divine intervention of he's to achieve any sort of similar fete here after busting.

The flop was 7♣9♣2♣ and Cortes had a very attractive looking A♣2♠ and got his chips in. Eduardo De Las Rivas held A♦9♥ and made the call. De Las Rivas has made two final tables so far this season so a club was never coming through the J♦K♦ turn and river.

7.10pm: No more clowning around from Krusty
Nacho "Krusty" Guerra is one of the big characters of Spanish poker. He has a look of crusty the clown and his voice can penetrate through six-foot thick walls.
We won't be witnessing this character until Season 3 now as he's bust. He go the last of his chips in on a [t][9][8] flop with pocket queens. Unfortunately for him his opponent had pocket tens for top set and they help up.


Nacho "Krusty" Guerra

6.50pm:News in brief

  • Dan Edler took down a small four-way pot. He raised to 325 from under-the-gun and was called by his neighbour and the two blind players. The flop came 5♦K♥9♠ and his 625 c-bet got through.
  • Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez laughed in delight when I passed on the "vamos" well wishes of Nick Wright, who's blogged his success on the Eureka Poker Tour. He's going steady on 18,000.
  • Not going so steady in Juan Macieras who is down to 1,600 chips. He was in deep conversation with fellow Team PokerStars Pro Juan Manuel Pastor. Get back to concentrating, Juan.

    LEVEL UP: BLINDS 75-150

    6.25pm:Break time
    The end of level two brings about the first 15-minute break of the day.

    6.15pm: Rasavi trips up
    Sam Rasavi is down to 13,500 after losing a chunk to Javier Patino. Patino went to call on the button but didn't realise Rasavi had raised to 250. He made the call anyway and the big blind came along for the ride too.

    The flop fell 9♠9♥5♣ and Rasavi's 375 c-bet was only called by Patino. Rasavi went into check-call mode after this as his opponent bet 1,100 and 3,200 on the 6♠4♣ turn and river.

    Patino opened Q♦9♣ for trips. Rasavi laughed as he mucked and said, "You're dead if the queen comes. I get all you chips."

    6.10pm: Still no balls?
    Team PokerStars Pro Christophe De Meulder is up to 27,000 now after forcing the same player who he accused of having "No balls" earlier.

    The two had made it to the river where the final board read 5♠4♥3♥J♦3♣. De Meulder led for a twice-pot 7,000 and got the bet through after his opponent tank folded.


    Bullying his table

    6pm: Tricky table emerges
    Table 8 in the far corner of the room is not one of the "value" tables to be found here today. Sam Rasavi (UKIPT Cork winner) sat down after coming in as the first alternate. He joins Javier Patino, EPT live commentator Yossi Obadia and talented Irish youngster Gary Clarke.

    Obadia is up to around 20,000 after cracking Patino's pocket aces with king-queen. He flopped top pair and made two-pair by the river, and saw a value bet paid off by the SCOOP bracelet holder.

    5.35pm: Sinking Sadornil
    Manuel Sadornil is down to 3,500 after trying to bluff an opponent off a draw that came in.

    Sandornil raised from the button and then "emptied the clip" through the Q♠8♣6♣J♦Q♣ board when his opponent checked to him all the way.

    His opponent made a final call on the river and Sandoril could only muster ace-nine. The big blind took the pot with a small flush.

    LEVEL UP: BLINDS 50-100

    5.15pm: Man down
    Mikel Allende is the first man to be eliminated today after his two-pair was no match for the quad fives of Pablo Lanaja.

    We caught up with the action on the turn where the board read 5♠A♣T♥5♣. Lanaja led for 1,050 and called when his opponent raised to 2,700. The river fell as 6♣ and Allende moved all-in with ace-ten after Lanja led for 2,500. He obviously made the call with quads and that was that for Allende.

    5.05pm: Leader board standings

    Below is the current standings for Season 2 of the Estrellas Poker Tour, with this being the last event counted before the amazing prizes are handed out. See here for full details.

    Fabian Deimann and Jose Javier Patino Gonzalez are both in action today. Alvaro Santamaria Velasco may well be closer to the top when he sits down to play tomorrow. That's because he is chip leader going into today's final of the High-Roller. Nine players remain and five of those get paid/earn points, so he's in with a great chance of scoring more points.

    Rank Players Total Pts
    1 Fabian Deimann 231,35
    2 Alvaro Santamaria Velasco 221,4
    3 Jose Javier Patino Gonzalez 202,05
    4 Miguel Angel Martin Garcia 190,65
    5 Luis Rojas Martinez Del Marmol 172,95
    6 Eduardo De Las Rivas 165,4
    7 Manuel Sadornil Camarero 165,1
    8 Jorge Ufano Pardo 150,05
    9 Alejandro Piñeiro Barcelo 147,75
    10 Gabriel Costas Peral 137,8

    4.45pm: De Meulder in the thick of it
    Christophe De Meulder has been mixing it up in several pots early on but remains around his starting stack. We just witnessed him in two pots in-a-row.

    The first one he was heads-up with the big blind and the turn was already out to leave a J♥9♦4♥5♣ board. The big blind checked to face a 700 bet from the Belgian. He folded and was told, "No balls" by the Team Pro.

    The next hand De Meulder raised to 175 and was called in three spots before the big blind three-bet to 650. This was enough to force him to fold. -- MC

    4.20pm: Shuffle-up and deal

    The cards are in the air. A total of 220 players will compete today and each start with 15,000 chips. The plan is to play nine one-hour levels, meaning a finish of approximately 3am local time.

    4pm: Welcome to Estrellas Poker Tour Ibiza

    The sixth and final leg of the second season of the Estrellas Poker Tour is brought to you from Casino Ibiza. We are situated in the beautiful harbour in Ibiza Town. Around 220 players are seated and ready for five days of poker fueled action, or so they hope. Ibiza is known for being a party island and lots of parties have been organised for the players this week, but for now it's time to swap the glow sticks for poker chips.

    Those taking seats today include Team PokerStars Pro Juan Maceiras, TLB winner Estrellas Season 1 Alvaro Marino Nadal, Antonio Gonzalez Miranda, Jose Javier Patiño González and Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez. The latter of these is currently top of the Eureka Poker Tour leader board and also took down Estrellas Malaga.

    There are also many foreign faces in the crowd, such as Team PokerStars Pro Christophe De Meulder, Daniel Edler and UKIPT Cork winner Sam Rasavi.

    Play has been delayed as all the players attempt to register their details with the casino.

    A taste of our surroundings

    PokerStars Blog reporting team at Estrellas Ibiza: Marc Convey. Photos by Rene Velli

    Marc Convey
    @PokerStars in Estrellas Poker Tour