Estrellas Ibiza: Day 2, Level 13 - 16


12.15am: Play ends as the bubble bursts
It only took one hand to burst the bubble and end play for the day and the unfortunate player was Petrus Cornelius Martinus from Holland.

He was up against Neil Raine and all the chips went in on a 5♠K♦Q♠ flop. Martinus tabled K♠J♣ for top pair but was in a world of trouble as Raine tabled A♠A♣ for an over-pair. The turn and river ran out 5♦3♠ and the remaining players erupted with joy as they knew they were in the money.

Full chip counts and a brief wrap (party calls) of the day will be up soon.

12.05am: Hand-for-hand
There are now 51 players remaining meaning it's bubble time. Each hand is now playing hand-for-hand. Just as this was announced to the players semi-naked cabaret dancers from Privilege decided to make an appearance and wander through the tables. Only in Ibiza (or maybe Las Vegas) and what timing?

12am: Bubble abuse gone very wrong
David Miguel was cruising along as the chip leader but he just tried to abuse that position on the bubble and it went very wrong for him.

Manuel Martinez raised to 7,100 from under-the-gun and then four-bet to 46,100 when Miguel three-bet to 18,800 from two seats along. Call.

Martinez went into check-call mode as he let Miguel hang himself. The final board read 2♣8♦4♠7♠T♥ and Miguel bet 26,500, 65,000 and pushed in the river. Martinez called all the way and all-in for 125,500 on the river.

Miguel could only show K♦Q♠ for king-high, handing the 533,000 pot to Martinez. Martinez is down to around 100,000 now.

11.50pm: Play continues
As we're only two off the money (52 remain), the TD's have decided it's on;y fair to continue play until it bursts, so on we go.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,000-4,000, ante 400

11.35pm: Vicente slow plays kings to the max
Carlos Vicente just slow played kings and got a full double-up, just short of the money.

Daniel Ranta raised and Vicente flatted to see a 9♦6♥J♦ flop. Ranta continued and then three-bet when Vicente raised him. Call. The turn fell A♣ and there was no slowing down Ranta who bet big again. Call.

The river came 6♠ and Ranta set his opponent all-in. Vicente made a good call with K♠K♦ as Ranta had missed his flush with Q♦4♦. Ranta is down to 37,000 now whereas Vicente is up to 190,000.

11.25pm: Rasavi gets beaten up by a girl
Sam Rasavi's strong resistance today finally gave in as he busted to Anna Sanchez. He was short and pushed from early position with ace-seven. She was in the next seat and re-shoved with pocket jacks. All others folded before the board ran [k][q][7][3][6].

11.15pm: Top ten chip counts
Official counts will be carried out at the end of today's play. For now here are the top ten counts:

Salvador Torres Alamin Spain  245,000
Luis Ortega Pineda Spain  191,000
Emilio Dominguez Spain 190,000
Javier Ventura Zamudio Spain  190,000
Julen Lijo Spain  188,000
Javier Tazon Spain  180,000
iban Rodriguez Gonzalez Spain  165,000
Raul Paez Corral Spain 165,000
Daniel Ranta Romania  160,000
Dimitrios Mertzanis Greece  160,000
Dmitry Rumyantsen Russian Federation  160,000

As you can see, a lot of the chips have been dispersed back amoungst the field.

11.05pm: Don't celebrate too soon, Mendoza
Victor Mendoza shouted with joy on the river when he hit one of his cards, but he failed to realise that his opponent already had a straight made by the turn and he was, in fact, out.

Overnight chip leader Grzegorz Gosk raised and called when Mendoza shoved.

Gosk: J♠J♥
Mendoza: A♠Q♥

The board ran 8♦6♦T♠9♠Q♣. Gosk is back up to 105,000 as a result.

10.55pm: Will it burst?
There are 62 remaining and only 50 of those will make it into the money. With only one hour left to play the question we're all asking is: Will the bubble burst today?

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000, 300 ante

10.35pm: Break time
The last 15-minute break of the day is here. Players will come back and play one more level before party time begins.

10.30pm: Torres on Torres action
This table's not big enough for two Torres', so one has to go. The one who went, very unluckily was Joel.

He raised to 5,100 from the button to face a raise to 12,500 from Salvatore Torres in the small blind. Joel responded by putting in a four-bet to 29,000. Salvatore doesn't like to fold and he showed this by five-betting to 60,000. This wasn't the end though as Joel moved all-in for 90,000 and Salvatore made a reluctant looking call as he knew he was in trouble.

Joel: T♠T♥
Salvatore: 3♠3♣

The board ran 5♦A♠5♠J♣3♥ to see Salvatore spike a two-outer on the river. He celebrated by shouting, "VAMOS". He's up to 230,000 chips as a result.

10.10pm: Rasavi hanging in there
Sam Rasavi is hovering around the 15 big blind mark but he could've been out.

He explained that he three-bet jammed with ace-queen and a player behind shoved with ace-king to isolate him. It worked as the original raiser folded pocket jacks. The board then came all spades with neither player holding one. The original raiser didn't have a spade either and Rasavi was happy to be alive and make money in the hand.

All he wants for Christmas is 100k stack

9.55pm: Strange pot played out for the chip lead
A pot just played out between Zoltan Szabo and Cristian Marin that saw the latter eliminated and the former catapult into the chip lead with around 300,000.

Around 25,000 had made it into the pot by the turn and the board read 4♠9♥4♣Q♣. Szabo led for 10,200 and faced a raise up to 24,000. His response was to three-bet to 40,200. Call.

The river came J♠ and Szabo led for 35,000 before Marin moved all-in for 55,000. Instead of instant calling, Szabo thought about his decision. He eventually called with K♥J♥ for a rivered second pair. Somehow this was good as Marin tabled A♣8♠!

The two exchanged words and it's suspected that's because the two are close friends. Another table mate said that Marin had a history of playing hands a bit funky today.


Marin far left, Szabo far right

9.40pm: The pace is slowing
As we get closer to the bubble, the pace of eliminations is slowing down. These were some of the unfortunate from the last level:

Jakub Krajniak
Gerard Guirao
Juan Antonio Sierra Rosado
Manuel Moreno Catalan
Eulogio Aparicio Buendia
Marco Boschetti
Ronan Doherty
Joshua Charles Hart
Tamu Kero

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200/2,400, 300 ante

9.32pm: Puigtio's ride comes to an end
It's been quite a day for Aleix Puigtio. He has been up and down more times than a roller-coaster ride. Unfortunately the last dip was one dip too many, and one he wouldn't be able rise from.

He open shoved for around 32,000 with J♥J♣ but ran into the Q♣Q♦ of Jose Manuel Domingo. The board ran 9♠T♥7♦2♦A♠.

At EPT Barcelona Puigtio had the task of bringing me player's ID cards after they busted, so we could keep track of who was still in and who had departed. It was sad that the last contact he had with this tournament was to bring me his own media card, with head bowed to the floor.


Back to dealing

9.20pm: Chips updated
The chip count page has been fully updated. Click in the link to the right or here to view.

Here's what the top five stacks looked like at the break:

Viktor Celikovsky Czech Republic 237,000
Raul Paez Corral Spain 234,000
Luis Ortega Pineda Spain 180,000
Jan Carlo Mussi italy 160,200
Julen Lijo Spain 154,000
Emilio Dominguez Spain 149,000

9.10pm: So long Moreno
Manuel Moreno has fallen to Dmitry Rumyantsen. The aggressive Russian raised to 4,500 and the Spaniard was the only caller from the button.

The flop came down A♦3♣Q♠ and Rumyantsen continued for 5,000 to see his opponent snap shove for 25,600. Rumyantsen asked for a count and shrugged in a way only a Russian can, and called with A♠6♠. Moreno tabled K♥Q♥ and failed to catch-up through the 4♥4♣ turn and river.

8.50pm: Gomez Paez off Raul
Raul Paez is up to 240,000 now after value betting against Jose Vicente Gomez and getting paid.

Gomez raised to 4,100 and called when Paez three-bet to 11,100 from the next seat. There was no more action until the river when the board read 5♠8♦9♦6♣A♥. Paez bet 14,00 when checked to him and was called by Gomez with A♦T♠. Paez tabled A♠K♣ and took the pot.

8.35pm: Play resumes for most
This blind level is really going to test the stacks of a lot of players. At least they have the chance to be tested. The following were some of the players we lost in the last level:

Julio Doce Diaz
Ivan Perez
Alejandro Roig Aguilar
Sebastiaan Uijtendaal 
Simon Zaki
Oscar Anjou
Raul Machhi Marcelo
Cristian Sargwes Hernandez
Alejandro Sanchez Fernandez
Pedro ingles Garcia
Terry Harvey
Jose Urena Moreno
Alejandro Valverde Perez
Vincent Bigeon
Tomas Cesaro
Marek Boczkowski
Roberto Bermejo Santos
Victor M. Hinojosa Luna
Fernando Javier Nunez Jara
Jose Luis Melia Pallard
Angel Perez Petinto

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000, 200 ante


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